Discovering the Lifetime of a Jump Starter

Discovering the Lifetime of a Jump Starter

First of all, you need to figure out what a Jump Starter is, what functions does it perform, and what does it really do for the car owner? Jump Starter is a special device that allows you to quickly and efficiently start your car at any temperature conditions. An interesting feature of these devices, which is why they became so popular in the wide circles of car owners, is that they are made on the basis of lithium-ion-polymeric or lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. They are small, do not occupy a large area in your car and can save you in any situation.

Jump Starter performs the mission of launching the car engine at a discharged battery. There are also devices for launching diesel cars. However, launching an automotive engine is not the only application for the Jump Starter. Some users use it every day, in particular, with the Jump Starter they charge their laptops, mobile phones, GPS navigators, such devices can easily feed small refrigerators on the beach or the electric wiring in the tent.

Jump starter includes a set of special adapters and special wires for connecting to the car. The start-up short-term current of the device is in the range from 200 to 600 A, which allows you to run any type of car.

Experienced specialists recommend paying attention to the power consumption, which is measured in Watt-hours, to help you purchase the device you need for your device. This unit’s standalone indicator allows you to more accurately determine the capacity of the built-in power supply, which is measured in mA * h and contains specific voltage indicators on its terminals. It’s worth knowing that many Jump Starter manufacturers do not add this energy value to the device’s instructions.

A lifetime of a vehicle jump starters depends not only on its technical characteristics but also on how you relate to it and how it operates. You can start your car with this device more than one thousand times, but only when you buy a device with high technical characteristics, maintain it in proper condition and operate it properly, this model will have a long period of operation for a large number of launches of your car.

There are certain methods of proper operation, jump starter standard lifetime directly depends on the following factors:

  • Jump Starter must be charged; you do not have to keep the device in disarray for any period of time;
  • Jump Starter has a certain duty cycle, so you need to keep track of these data and follow them;
  • Your Jump Starter storage environment should be a room with a temperature range of between 50 ° F and 70 ° F (10 ° -20 ° C). Such devices are similar in structure and functionality to car batteries, long-term storage in cold temperatures and a sharp drop in temperature modes reduces the number of vehicle starts;
  • Once you have successfully started your car, it’s important to quickly unlock your device from the vehicle, while keeping in mind all the technical and safety rules and the appropriate sequence of trips;
  • Jump Starter is an extremely important device for a car battery, which directly affects its durability and service life, so you should not neglect the rules of its operation, connection, and disconnection from the car.

When properly maintained in a room with a moderate temperature ranging from 50 ° F to 70 ° F, with proper operation, proper connection and shutdown, your Jump Starter will provide you a long and quality service life.