Best RV Trailer Tires & RV Tire Covers Reviews

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Driving an RV is fascinating. It makes you an independent traveler going to the most wonderful and extraordinary places that common tourist are unable to reach. If you are concerned your vehicle’s safety when you’re driving down gravel or hilly terrains, the best RV tires can protect your trailer from different hazards as well as greatly improve your vehicle’s performance.

If you’re unaware of which model is most suited to your trailer, I’ve made up the list of the most reliable and high-quality models that have various specs and fulfill different roles depending on what the driver is striving to get. I’ve taken only globally renowned brands which have earned a solid and proven reputation.

Below, you can find out the most popular buyer’s choices that look for the best tires for RV or trailers. Read further to learn the top three tire covers which offer the maximum protection against negative environmental impacts.

RV Tires Reviews

Best RV Tires

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire
This radial tire has every chance to become the best RV tires for fifth wheel trailers because it is fit to different configurations and applicable to both short-haul and long-haul driving.

The construction is made of heavy-duty materials that ensure excellent durability and slow wear. The steel-cased construction makes the tire durable and robust. The G614 RST boasts good traction that helps the driver control steering better. It is also invulnerable to all kinds of bad weather conditions and has an increased level of heat dissipation. Whatever intensity of driving, the tire does not get hot or less effective.

Other tech advantages of this model include high weight capacity and low rolling resistance that makes your RV or van more fuel-efficient. All the specs are focused on providing the driver with the utmost safety, especially when the road is slippery or hilly and difficult to drive on.

If you seek a tire that can increase your trailer’s performance and enhance a grip even in a harsh climate, this Goodyear Unisteel is able to perfectly fulfill both roles.

The model comes in different sizes.

  • The tire does not bulge even under high loads.
  • The unit is manufactured in the USA.
  • The price is extremely high.
  • The tire is difficult to balance because of the big weight.

TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L

TRAILER KING ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L
If you’re in search of a high-end camper trailer tire, Trailer King is one of the global leaders in manufacturing essential trailer accessories.

The D 107L tire has a center grove that ensures a trailer’s stable movement on the road. The design is smart and focused on delivering good wear resistance. The tire shoulder is designed to promote fast heat dissipation, whereas the nylon overlay helps achieve extreme strength in carrying high loads.

The D 107L allows the driver to feel much safer and more balanced when driving a vehicle with a trailer on the corners. The odds to get into a car accident will be considerably lower because of extreme durability provided by Trailer Kind. So I’d recommend buying this radial tire if your purpose is to upgrade your RV or truck to enhanced stability and tracking in all weather conditions and all seasons.

This model comes in different sizes to fit numerous trailer configurations, but it does not affect the lifespan and tech advantages offered to the user.

  • The quality is totally worth the price.
  • Mounting is easy (less than 10 minutes).
  • You will have to buy wheel discs separately.

Set of 4 New Premium WINDA Trailer Tires ST 225/75R15 10PR

Set of 4 New Premium WINDA Trailer Tires ST 225/75R15 10PR
Those who are trying to find a set of premium tires for a travel trailer should consider WINDA Trailer Tires that are 10 Ply rated and promise exceptional quality and operating life.

The design lets the trailer deliver high-power performance and lessens the risk of collision to zero. The overlay of nylon is bonded to the entire tread area, which results in improved safety and more balanced driving. This 10PR model is remarkable for the brand new Scuff Guard ring that helps provide a solid connection with the terrain and decrease vibrations during the movement. The tires are set to operate at a speed reaching a maximum of 75 mph and perfect for towing and hauling on rough road surfaces.

I’d say that the ST 225 targets mostly the drives looking for reliable and firm tires that have the minimal chance of getting flat. If you are going on a journey, this premium set is most suited to play this role without a flaw.

  • The price point is much more elevated in comparison with other options on the list.
  • The tires are fit to trailers only and cannot be installed on a car or a truck.
  • No wheel discs come in the set.

2 New Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST235/85R16

2 New Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST235/85R16
This pair of tires has much in common with the previous travel trailer tire reviews but is still a unique product because of the exceptional top quality that empowers any trailer.

The advanced design envisages a tread area overlaid with nylon that provides higher durability and improved heat dissipation. The radial tire has a low rolling resistance that makes these tires an ideal choice for driving in wet or harsh weather.

The Grand Ride tires are also a good alternative for tires that are not able to boost a vehicle’s safety. The 10 ply rating indicates that you won’t be worried about poor performance or faced with a risk of unstable steering. Besides excellent specs, the tires are made of high-quality and heavy-duty materials that are not prone to untimely wear but ensure long-lasting operation life.

My conclusion is that this couple of tires caters for buyers who seek to feel confident while driving down any road. If your trailer is in need of stability, Grand Ride is the first manufacturer to meet this demand.

The model comes in different sizes and is applicable to a wide variety of trailers.

  • The tires are suited to utility trailers.
  • Mounting is quick and simple.
  • The wheel discs are not included in the set.
  • The price is above average.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply
If your goal is to discover a versatile tire that works for both trailers and RVs, this the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer tire ranked among the best RV trailer tires is exactly what you need.

The design is simple but innovative. The construction is made of high-grade rubber that allows achieving good traction on any terrain. The unique tread pattern is intended to protect a trailer or RV from strong vibrations and give the driver perfect control over the road.

The 107M tire is 8 Ply rated and expected to withstand high loads without affecting the balance and quality of driving. The radial tire comes in 15 various sizes, and so the buyer is able to choose the most suitable one to upgrade their vehicle. The speed limit is slightly higher in comparison with other models and makes up 80 mph, but it does not increase road noise. On the contrary, you will be able to drive more smoothly without having to slow down.

My point is that you should consider buying this tire when you seek to boost your trailer’s performance and make its movement softer but more accurate.

  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • The tires are suited to long-distance driving in any conditions.
  • It is only appropriate for use on trailers, not on other vehicles.

Hankook Vantra RA18- 185R14 102R 8 Ply

Hankook Vantra RA18- 185R14 102R 8 Ply
If you prefer using only radial tires, this model by Hankook Vantra is among the RV tire reviews featuring enhanced stability.

The 8 Ply tire is fit to numerous vehicles, including vans and RVs. The design is aimed to provide improved traction and durability which allow using the tire in tough climates. Anti-abrasion coating protects it from the wear during operation and prolongs the lifespan. You can also expect more balanced steering and increased safety because of the tire’s ability to carry high loads. The tire is made of reinforced rubber that suffices for far longer mileage. This is the reason why it is good for long-haul applications and can be used at any speed you are accustomed to.

The 102R is most suited to those trailers that deliver weak performance and need to be upgraded. If you are not satisfied with your van and strive to reach peak performance, this model is definitely a smart decision.

  • The tire has a pretty good grip.
  • It makes driving more controlled and stable.
  • The tire comes only in one size, so you should see to it that it fits your vehicle.

Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15 STEEL BELTED REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire

Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15 STEEL BELTED REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire
This Gladiator tire has a limited audience because it comes in one size and compatible with trailers only. Yet, it is on our list of the best travel trailer tires for a reason. It features an extremely high weight capacity which makes the tire particularly effective in long-distance driving.

The radial tire is steel-belted. This type of casting results in excellent durability and prolonged service life. The reinforced construction provides a good tire grip on any road surface. What is more important is that the Gladiator has a low rolling resistance which contributes to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Other essential advantages include improved stability and traction.

My advice is that you should go for this tire if you need to feel safer while driving. The tire design is mostly focused on delivering more balanced and stable performance. Though you can expect an absolutely reliable and long operation of this Gladiator tire, its primary calling is to provide the driver with controlled and precise steering that leads to maximum safety with minimum risks.

  • The unit is made of heavy-duty materials.
  • The price is a bit higher compared to other tires on the market.
  • There are no size options.

[BONUS] Best RV Tire Covers

Classic Accessories OverDrive Standard RV & Trailer Wheel Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive Standard RV & Trailer Wheel Cover
Classic Accessories offers a myriad of different models many of which are considered the best RV tire covers.

The covers are intended to guard your tires from bad effect of various factors including excessive sunshine, harsh weather, and dry rotting. If you are not an active driver, reliable covers are a must to keep your RV or trailer in operation longer. This pair of covers from Classic Accessories is remarkable for vinyl material that ensures high resistance to wear and prolonged operation life.

The covers are easy to use and need no maintenance. They are also slip-on, so you won’t spend much time on taking care of your vehicle. The model comes in numerous sizes and three colors to suit any trailer’s profile and a buyer’s expectations.

I particularly recommend purchasing this couple of covers if you do not plan to use your RV in the near future. They will safely protect your trailer and save you from unnecessary troubles caused by heat, monsoons, or sand.

  • The price is extremely low.
  • The covers block the UV light.
  • The material is thick but soft enough.
  • The covers need some straps to stay on in the wind.

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover
If you believe to own the best RV tires, they still need a bit of protection to survive in a storm or heavy winds. Camco markets an amazingly strong cover that is both weatherproof and compact.

The cover prevents the tire from getting damaged by sun, dirt, and corrosion. The material is endurable enough to securely protect your tires from external negative impacts or while your vehicle is not being used. The item is compact and simple to install. The built-in straps and buckle allow the driver to easily put on and take off the covers when needed. The cover sits tightly on the tire whatever driveway is. The Camco cover is available in six sizes that are suited to diverse trailers and RVs.

My point here is that you should go for this model if you seek improved and sure-fire protection for your new and old tires. With this kind of cover, you will be less bothered about the condition of your trailer when not use. In particular, the risk of damage and untimely deterioration substantially decreases when you protect your tires from the day of purchase.

  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • You can install it firmly only in a lying position on the ground.

ADCO 3922 White Double Axle Tyre Gard Wheel Cover

ADCO 3922 White Double Axle Tyre Gard Wheel Cover
The ADCO cover is ranked third on our list of high-class and fail-safe trailer tire covers.

The design is even more innovative and advanced. Overlapping seams coupled with double-needle stitching contribute to reinforced tire protection against environmental hazards. The vinyl material is waterproof and UV resistance. These properties are both essential in prolonging the operation life of tires and slowing down wear. They also play an important role in stopping sidewall cracking which is one of the primary causes of premature tire death.

The ADCO cover is simple and convenient in use. The unique fastening system allows the driver to fix the cover firmly on the tire thanks to the built-in grommets that are supposed to hold adjustable bungee balls. This feature helps any tire stand against high winds. If you are bothered about the risk of blowouts, this cover is a good remedy too. Your trailer won’t undergo much damage because the construction is designed to maintain the value of your tires as long as possible.

The color is polar white whatever size you’re going to choose.

  • The price is extremely low.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Bungee cords are not included in the kit. You will need to buy them separately.

Buyer’s Guide

What’s an Average Operation Life of RV Tires?

Tires are not what you should save on. When it comes to safety, each driver wants to get the most durable tires, but how long an average tire is expected to serve? If you are used to buying tires of medium quality, the average lifespan makes up 5 to 7 years. However, you can prolong the operation life with timely maintenance and care.

The first thing you need to know about your tires is the date of manufacture. Look at the last four numbers of DOT. These are the week and the year when the tire was made. Obviously, if you buy not a newly manufactured tire, the odds that it will get worse soon because of active use are much higher. However, you can slow down the process of aging by keeping it properly inflated or protected with RV tire covers when your trailer is not being used.

Another method to check whether your tires need replacement is to measure the tread. If the depth of cracks is 1/16 inch, the need to update your tires is urgent.

You should be vigilant about the condition of tires, especially when you drive in bad weather most of the time. Even the best RV tires are vulnerable to dry rot, sunshine, and storms.

How to Stop Dry Rot Fungus?

Rubber is a basic material used to produce tires. All tires deteriorate because rubber tends to lose flexibility over time. This happens because the bonds between chemicals gradually become weak as a result of which rubber ends up being dry and non-usable.

You can understand that rubber is spoiled when its color is more akin to grey than black and there are cracks on the surface. If both signs are typical of your tires, they are no longer alive and should be immediately changed. Bad tires are not able to handle heat emission and most likely will fall apart while driving.

The general rule is that a driver should replace tires every six months to avoid accidents on the road. If you stick to this standard, there is a pretty tiny chance that you will get into troubles because of a degraded tire.

Another common cause of tire deterioration is dry rot which is mostly caused by prolonged idleness. If you do not use your vehicle regularly, the wood decay fungus extends to your tires because it is a pleasant environment for this bacterium to grow.

Inactivity is also dangerous because the pressure within tires drops as a result of which they get deflated very quickly. Deflation along with sun rays has a double negative effect on tires which leads to premature degradation.

There are a few measures you should take to stop dry rot.

  1. Check the tire pressure every month when you do not use your trailer.
  2. Store the trailer in a climate-controlled garage which guards tires from all environmental hazards, including sun exposure, moisture, and fungi.
  3. Keep the tires far from asphalt because it attracts UV rays.
  4. Use high-quality trailer wheel covers when the trailer is inactive.
  5. Replace tires at the right time and check the manufacture date.

How to Determine the Correct Size of Tire Covers?

If you cannot decide which tire size fits your wheel, the easiest method is to measure how long the tire is from the ground to the top. This way, you can find out the size measures in inches. However, there is also a metric size that is actively used in the market. It is a bit more complicated to understand but still important because you won’t be able to navigate the available tire options without this knowledge.

The first number denotes the width measured in millimeters. You can divide this number by 25.4 to convert it into inches. The last number signifies the wheel diameter. It is normally preceded by ‘R’. The middle number followed by ‘R’ is a percent you need to determine the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is calculated by multiplying the width in mm, e.g. the first number of metric size, by this percent.

The general for calculating the diameter of metric tires is (#1 x #2 / 2540 x 2) + (#3)

For example, if the metric number is 205/75-R15, the diameter is (205 x 75 / 2540) + 15 = 21.3

If you doubt that you can handle calculations, my advice is to use online calculators that can do it correctly in no time.

Calculations based on metric size are more reliable and precise. So if you are thinking about buying new tire covers for RVs, spare a few minutes to determine the right tire size using this sure-fire formula.

Why Buy the Best Tire Covers for RV?

If you think that your trailer can function well without covers, you are deeply mistaken because you put both yourself and your vehicle at risk. Whether you desire it or not, the trailer is constantly undergoing a variety of effects, such as sun exposure, wind, oils, etc. All of them have a disruptive nature. This is why any trailer, active or inactive, is in need of strong protection against environmental dangers existing everywhere.

This kind of damage cannot be completely eliminated but can be greatly minimized if you take care of your vehicle and always keep RV spare tire covers in your vehicle. They act as a strong shield that protects tires from negative exposure.

The quality of covers defines the condition of tires when they are not being used. Any cover is called to perform two functions: water resistance and UV protection. Low-end covers are not able to provide enough safety and normally tend to quickly degrade when weather conditions are always poor.

On the contrary, high-end covers are made of heavy-duty materials that feature excellent waterproof and anti-UV properties. They contribute to the slower development of cracks on the sidewall and decrease wear intensity. Most of today’s covers are simple and easy to use but quite effective in preventing tire deterioration.