Car Jump Starter, Tacklife T6 600A 16500mAh

Car Jump Starter, Tacklife T6 600A 16500mAh

You probably had situations when the car accumulator died and you had to ask the passing drivers for help. Do you want this never to happen again? Then it will be useful for you to consider the positive and negative sides of one of the best lithium ion jump starters.

This modern battery has the following features:

  • Capacity – 16500mAh/61Wh;
  • Weight – 1.16 pounds;
  • Dimensions – 6.3*3*1.6 inches;
  • Current at the start – 300 A;
  • Amperage – 600 A;
  • Voltage – 12 volts;
  • Lithium ion battery is required;
  • Bulb type – LED / Strobe / SOS;
  • Upgraded clamps;
  • Soft rubber surface;
  • Fire-resistant materials;
  • Secure storage case;
  • Input – 15V/1A;
  • Output – 12V/10A ;
  • Charge time – 5 hours;
  • Operating temperature – from -20℃ to +60℃;
  • Female cigarette lighter adapter is attached.

Strong and weak sides of the Tacklife 600A

This device will nicely packaged in its own little case with multiple attachments. Instructions clear enough, looks like a little brief. This compact unit, ideal for taking out with you as a backup in case the car battery has insufficient charge. Let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages more.

Pros of the Tacklife 600A:

  • Thanks to advanced intelligent clamps and a lithium battery, this device is absolutely safe. The protection against overload, reverse polarity, short circuit is provided. You can be sure that the connection to the power bank will pass without problems.
  • Despite the large capacity, the starter is very compact. Developers managed to combine these two features to ensure you maximum comfort. One charge is enough to get your auto back to work. At the same time, you can store a portable battery in the glove box and forget about mess in your vehicle.
  • It is possible to charge the car vacuum cleaner, compressor, video recorders through the cigarette lighter adapter which is the part of the kit.
  • USB-ports perfectly suit for charging tablets, phones, laptops and other gadgets. So you no longer have to look for a rosette in a cafe or justify yourself before colleagues at business meeting when your device is discharged.
  • If you like touristic trips, starter will not only maintain the efficiency of electronics but also perform the functions of a flashlight when you go for a walk in the forest or to the river bank at night.
  • The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty and high-quality customer service. Having any difficulties you can always contact the specialists for help.

Cons of the Tacklife 600A:

  • Some buyers reported that their warranty card specified a period of 6 months. So you can exchange the starter within 6 months. But technical support is provided during the first 2 years of use. People consider this nuance to be twofold and misleading. It is necessary to carefully consider such details. Better consult with the seller.
  • There are reports that the capacity may be different for various devices.
  • The charging effect may decrease after a long operation of the battery.


In general, this device has much more advantages than shortcomings. You can be sure that it will justify its reasonable price (about $67.97). In some stores, free shipping is also provided. Enjoy absolute comfort always having a helpful starter at hand.