Best Car Jump Starter Reviews

Best Car Jump Starter Reviews
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Sometimes problems with engine can occur even in a new car. It can also happen because your battery is old and its power may not be sufficient at some point. This kind of nasty surprises can be easily fixed by jumper cables or a good jump starter. Read the review to pick the best one for your car! Besides the type, size, and weight, additional options matter as well. Defining the best jump starter is not a task for techies only but for any prudent car driver. In the current review, there are three general types of these devices outlined that differ by size, mobility, and battery type:

  • Full-sized jump starters — most models of this type are portable while featuring non-lithium ion batteries. Their primary advantage is a large output. It is especially important for large cars and the ones having high-capacity engines. Should you own a large diesel truck or a minivan, such a device would make the best car jump starter for you. Often, they possess a built-in compressor along. They are great to keep in your garage for emergency start, while their size and weight do not inspire for carrying them along. Besides, such jump starters need to be recharged regularly (in average, every 30 days).
  • Portable lithium-ion jump starters — these devices are based on the lightweight lithium-ion batteries (just like your smartphone) and belong to the portable type. Their size and weight make them a worthy thing at the on-road emergencies. Not being in use, they hold the capacity well and do not require regular charging. However, their output is less than in full-sized devices. Most of the best lithium ion jump starters are enough for cranking up the gas engines of up to five liters and the diesel ones of up to four liters capacity. Yet, there are super-powerful models available that can be used for periodic jump starting of 5-8 liter gas engines. They can also ignite the 3-4 liter diesel engines in next to no time.
  • Compact non-lithium-ion jump starters — these starters tend to be a very smart choice for those who needs a small and sustainable device. Just like lithium-ion ones they are portable and handy, so you should consider buying them if you have a small or medium-sized car. Though, if you’ve got a huge truck with unreliable battery in your garage, it would be much better to think about buying a full-sized jumper.

I have tested a lot of different jump starters and they were not too good in most cases. However, finally I managed to gather the best ones in this article.

Jump Starter Reviews

Best Full-Sized Jump Starter Reviews

DEWALT DXAEPS2 – Best Jump Starter Overall


This model has the power and reliability at an affordable price. It arranges 2,800 peak amplifiers with heavy metal clamps attached to high power. These clips have 36 inches on cables for better battery life when starting up. These tools are reliable in many situations. A lot of people note that the device flawlessly launches the engines of large cars. It performs many functions that users currently expect from modern power supplies. It contains 3.1 amp USB connectors, an LCD display that shows users information about the charging process. The LED indicator is a reliable source of lighting on dark roads. It should be noted that the kit does not have a power cord, and you will have to supply it on its own, which is a drawback. Also, the disadvantages include the size and weight of the device, as most people love and prefer their stylish, portable devices.

  • Starting adapter with high amplifier 2800/1000 W.
  • 120 PSI compressor.
  • LCD screen, which shows all the information needed for work.
  • Heavy-duty metal clamps with a length of 36 for better energy transfer to the battery.
  • High-power USB 2.0 output connectors.
  • Backlight and convenient cover for storing cables and various clips.
  • Fast and high-quality charging with different engine power.
  • The large size of the device.
  • Insufficient accessories.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

With 1700 peak amps, it can start large cars with V8 engines. Do not you run a truck or boat? This is not a problem! This device will be able to run extremely powerful engines. You will not have to worry about the short cables because this device gives you 68 inches in length! The clamps are powerful and reliable, which will allow long working with this tool. In addition, this device contains a built-in voltmeter, which allows you to learn about the state of charge of its onboard battery.

  • The “PROFORMER” battery is designed for durable, high-quality work while providing fast charge power.
  • 1700 Peak Amplifiers and 425 Amp Amplifiers – Provide Power, Any Automotive Battery.
  • High-strength, high-quality, durable cable wiring and industrial valves, heavy-duty clamps ensure a maximum permissible amount of energy to the battery.
  • The device is equipped with an integrated AC charger, it is enough to simply connect your device to the outlet, and it will start charging.
  • The air compressor contains a 12-foot air hose, a screw cap, and a built-in pressure gauge.
  • Cables are a bit too short


STANLEY J5C09 — the best item for its money

Featuring 500 cranking amps with 1000 peak amps, this portable car battery jump starter makes a good solution for all the cars and even for some light trucks. It can be used as both the jump starting device and the battery charger. However, for keeping it operational, it must be recharged at least once a month. More often, if using it as a power bank for other gadgets as well. For that, this car battery jump starter has a built-in outlet (12V) and the USB port. The cables are long enough to place it on the ground near the car, which is important taking into account the considerable weight and size of this cranking device. It can also help fix other issues like inflating tires with the built-in compressor or finding the lost item in the dark by means of powerful LED flashlight.

  • Charge indicator saves energy and prevents overcharge.
  • Handy built-in compartment for hiding the cables.
  • Reverse polarity indicator prevents from damaging the car.
  • Noisy when charging the battery.
  • The switch position is unsteady – might prevent from charging if not fully turned off.

Best Portable Lithium-Ion Jump Starter Reviews

Lemsir L6 800A — best portable car battery jump starter

Lemsir L6 800A

This lithium ion jump starter fits perfectly any car’s glove compartment but provides a solid and powerful current. The 800A peak current fires up even large batteries within a few minutes, while it can power all types of portable USB-powered devices as well. It gets recharged within a few hours, holding the capacity within more than 30 days. The unit has several protection technologies that secure even the inexperienced user from incorrect clamps’ placing (reverse polarity issue), overcharges and overloads. Besides, the jump starter does not overheat the car battery or another device while charging. This model can be used in different complicated conditions as it is additionally protected from water, dust, and occasional dropping. The build is plastic but feels solid and reliable.

  • High-capacity 10800 mAh battery provides full charging of several portable devices simultaneously.
  • 3.0 charge technology provides immediate powering.
  • Innovative rough design of the clamps’ handles ensures a firm hold.
  • Short cables do not allow putting the device out of automobile reach (safety issue).

Beatit BT-D11 800A

Beatit 800A

This jumper box is ideal for launching cars with an eight-cylinder engine up to 5.5 liters of gasoline engines or 4.0 liters of diesel engines. It can easily launch motorcycles, boats and other four-cylinder vehicles. This device contains a lithium battery, not NiCad. It uses a lithium battery of 14000 mAh, which allows it to be as compact and portable as possible that can fit in your pocket. Provides a maximum current of 600A and an output current of 250A. This tool can be used to charge tablets, smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices. Contains a built-in LED flashlight that is needed when you start a car at night or in severe weather conditions. The main advantage of Beatit 800A is to provide spark-protected technologies at work and to protect the polarity, making it an extremely safe device in today’s market. With a 600-amp capacity, the device has enough power to start any car battery up to 30 times. With a 600-amp capacity, lithium battery increases the quality of this power supply. With durable cables, rigid and sensitive clamps, a high-quality housing, you get a device with a long operating life. Most modern devices experience exhaustion that occurs with the process of environmental fluctuations. Thanks to a large number of security functions, including spark protection, the Beatit 600A protects against the negative effects of high voltage.

  • Contains Spark Proof technology.
  • There is protection against reverse polarity.
  • Protection against overloading the device.
  • USB port for charging.
  • Lighting with a flashlight.
  • SOS mode.
  • Integrated processor chip.
  • This unit can safely carry temperatures below -25 °C and up to 60 °C.
  • Fairly high price.
  • It is not possible to charge laptops, tablets or phones since the device does not have a 19 V output port.



This rather compact, but powerful portable device, rated at 600 peak amplifiers, has a large and sufficient capacity for re-starting the engine, without losing excessive power. It has a lot of energy in a relatively small, portable, and durable case. It features such as overload protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, making this tool easy and safe for use even for people who have never used similar devices before. Features like two USB ports and a bright flashlight are standard among portable devices, so you should not focus on this. All this supplement comes with a semi-solid body, a device that makes it sturdy and durable to various falls, and also allows you to store and carry on various travels.

  • Size and power.
  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Carrying case.
  • Many accessories and useful features – flashlight, USB, various charging cables for phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Individual switch with the automatic function that turns off the device after a long period of inactivity.
  • Digital blue backlit display, indicating information about the percentage of battery and the need for charging the device.
  • Sufficient power to run 8-cylinder engines.
  • Lack of cables for charging Apple devices.
  • Instructions are not clear, everything is described quite superficially.
  • High price.

Rugged Geek RG1000

Rugged Geek RG1000

The device is designed to start the car, contains a fast charging system and a strong and powerful battery. Many consumers are turning to this for additional 3-in-1 charging elements and an air compressor. Is there a lot of it, does it work? The charging capabilities and advanced features of the Rugged Geek RG1000 car battery make it an extremely attractive solution for motorists, and this device can also be attributed to the best car jump starter. The most important advantage here is the initial launching potential. The device has dual power tips and 8 gauge cables for safe and efficient charging. This is, in fact, a powerful system that often startes vehicles at first attempt. The charging potential of this system is coping with the functions of charging electronic devices. There is also a laptop adapter cable. There is a function of simultaneous charging more than one device. Users can charge their laptop and phone at the same time sitting in a passenger seat while driving. Contains an air compressor that is widely used and does not make the system too heavy. The functions of the LED flashlight and a clear and intelligent LCD display add convenience to the use of this tool.

  • The speed of operation, regardless of the engine of different vehicles.
  • Intelligent, high-quality and safe design of the device for improved performance.
  • Desired and useful features for charging your laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices.
  • Additional features that make this product more thoughtful and, therefore, more convenient to us.
  • Some parts of the device are faulty and the materials are not of a high quality.
  • The device does not guarantee 100% reliability while working in any conditions and with any engines.



The lightweight and compact portable device have an adequate level of power, also has built-in intelligent security that ensures quick and high-quality engine startup. The compactness of this device is so large that it can fit into your automotive small handbag with tools. You will be grateful for the convenient and useful features such as the powerful Built-in LED Flashlight and SOS Light, the ability to charge other devices, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone, as well as a semi-solid, sturdy case that is resistant to damage. This device can be called the best mini jump starter, due to its weight, compactness, and portability. The device has the best lithium ion battery charger, which allows it to charge for 3 hours, making it versatile and comfortable to operate.

  • Extremely small size.
  • Includes built-in LED flashlight as well as SOS Light.
  • Contains charging ports and cables for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other equipment.
  • Fast charging: the PowerGo battery is fully charged for 3 hours. It can be 8 times to start the engine on a full battery.
  • It is often necessary to charge the device.
  • Low-quality clamps.

Compact Non-Lithium-Ion Jump Starter Reviews

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 — best compact non-lithium-ion jump starter

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40

This compact lightweight device produces quite a solid output amounting to 1000 peak amps. Set out for the 6-liter gas engine, it can crank up even the large V8 within seconds. Meanwhile, it has a rather short storage time — it does require a recharge every two fortnights or upon several jump starts. It also has serious claim for becoming the best starter cars device user-wise. The beginner driver is secured from mistakes as this device has multiple protection options. It prevents charging at incorrect polarity connection and lets out no sparks at all. For other devices, it can work as a power source through two USB ports and two 12V outlets.

  • Quickly jump starts even large engines when connected directly to the battery posts.
  • Sturdy fully insulated clamps ensure additional safety.
  • Longlasting extremely bright LED flashlight.
  • The build is plastic – not solid enough.

Bolt Power A7P 12V

Bolt Power A7P 12V

This portable jump starter can be easily mixed up with a smartphone due to its overly compact size (5.7 inches long) and weight (less than 1Lb). However, it produces the reliable 400 cranking amps with the general output of 800 amps, which is enough to make most of the car engines roar up and get working. The solid power and all parts’ insulation allows using it in a high-temperature range – from -20F to 130F. This jump starter is ideal for the inexperienced motorist, as it does not pass through the extreme voltage and current, as well as blocks the current when the clamps’ polarity does not match one of the battery posts. It might not charge the car battery in full but will definitely manage two smartphones connected through the dedicated USB ports. I would call it the best portable car jump starter but for its somewhat tip-over construction. I cant call thisit the best car jump starter, but it is definitely worth its money.

  • Clear labeling of the clamps for correct connection to the battery.
  • Powerful built-in three-mode LED flashlight.
  • Can maintain the capacity for a long period (over a month).
  • No in-stock wall adapter for USB.

Buyers Guide

We’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions that are most interesting to people who have already purchased the lithium-ion jump starter, and people who are hesitating or plan to buy this unquestionably needed device. In our article, you will find answers to all these questions.

What is a Lithium Ion Jump Starter?

Lithium-Ion Jump Starter is a special tool which main purpose is to help drivers with a car with a battery. Car batteries can be discharged in different situations, first of all, quite often the batteries are discharged after prolonged frosts or if it has been starting for the first time. Thats’s why starting a car can become impossible without the necessary equipment. Sometimes there is no opportunity to call somebody to help with battery recharging. So you have to rely only on yourself. Alternatively, launching a car battery with a portable device is your rescue. It was developed to provide the necessary power to run on a discharged battery, this utility is called the Lithium Ion Jump Starter. To get the most benefit from buying such a device for yourself, you need to examine each model in detail and find the best available tool in the market, which will not only satisfy you with its technical characteristics but also perfectly meet the goals set before it. Such devices have at their disposal a lithium-ion battery or high-resolution lithium polymer. Compared to other similar devices, they are quite lightweight and compact, giving them portability and ease of use. Also, they are safe to use. Such devices are the latest and most advanced charging solutions for car batteries The portability of such devices is one of the biggest advantages over conventional devices, which are heavy and large, they take up a lot of space to transport them in your car. Another additional advantage is that they do not require recharging every few months. They have high-quality lithium-ion batteries, more expensive models can have USB ports for charging electronic devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets and so ob. Besides, more expensive models that are used of the air compressor for fast pumping of car tires by air and flashlight. Powerful models can easily start engines of boats, trucks, motorcycles and high-volume motor vehicles. Their compact design, portability, and versatility – all these features make it ideal to use in any situation.

Benefits of Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Having considered the question, what is a Lithium Ion Jump Starter, it is worth considering its main useful functions that it performs directly, as it is at these moments that it is chosen by users. There are various reasons for buying this tool, the main reason is that this device has a lot of useful features for the relatively small money. That’s all why Lithium Ion Jump Starter may be better than other types of similar devices. Consider the useful features:

  • Compactness: One of the main advantages of the Lithium Ion Jump Starter. Such a device will definitely not take extra space in your car or your home. This tool is boundlessly effective in your handbag with a set of tools for a car. In the case of lead-acid devices, such instruments can weigh more than 20 pounds, which automatically makes them difficult to operate. Lithium-Ion Jump Starter compared to them is lighter by 80% so the best lithium-ion jump starter weighs less than one pound.
  • Safety: This feature of the device is that such instruments are equipped with the latest microprocessor, which has different degrees and security functions that are safe during the operation.
  • Energy efficiency: In addition to a small, compact size, the Lithium Ion Jump Starter can surprise you with its performance, which it represents. It will be able to provide many launches before there is a need for its reload. The modern Lithium Ion Jump Starter lets you run your vehicle about 30-50 times after its full charge.
  • Using the tool regardless of your location: With the Lithium Ion Jump Starter, you can constantly be independent and control your own situation. With this tool, there is no need to be addicted to another car or worry your friends with the request to charge the battery.
  • Multi-Purpose: Another good reason to buy the best lithium-ion jump starter is that it has many additional features besides its main purpose. As we mentioned above, it can also be a portable charger for your devices.

Essential Factors to Consider

During the operation with the Lithium ion portable jump starter. It is necessary to consider not only how long the tool will work, but also how much it will suffice. Security and warranty are really important factor, but often buyers don’t pay much attention to it. However, the warranty will save your money if the accident occurs. To use the Lithium-ion portable jump starter you need to have a basic understanding of where the black and red poles are located on the battery and how to connect the device. And you have to remember that the higher the quality — the less probability of breakage of any part. Let’s consider more in detail each of the factors:

Durability: The Lithium-ion portable jump starter must work during the long time. Also, make sure it is made of frost-resistant materials, for example, if you store the device in a car in winter.

Safety: An overload protection is a must.

Warranty: Manufacturers of robust, up-to-date, and secured devices provide a guarantee that delivers the long-term quality and functionality of the tool, and allows you to repair or replace the device in case of any problem or failure if it meets the warranty conditions.

Ease of Use: No one wants to buy a device that is too hard to work with. Therefore, you need to choose and buy a device that is lightweight and easy to operate. Also, pay attention to the opinions of others, read different lithium-ion jump starter reviews and consult other users’ reviews to determine which device will be perfect for you.

Starting power: The most important factor is the power that the Lithium-ion portable jump starter can give your engine. As a rule, the larger the volume of your engine, the more energy you need to run it, so you need to consider it when buying a Lithium-ion portable jump starter. Also, an important factor to consider: the amount of power required depends on the state of the battery and characteristics your car engine.

Clamps, cables, and build quality: All these elements have the following characteristics: unwinding or rupture since a certain number of manufacturers use cheap materials. The qualitative set of these elements provides a reliable connection on any battery element, without any twisting and bending. Also, you need to look at the power ports, they must be protected from dust and moisture, they should be tightly fixed. Since the Lithium-ion portable jump starter is a device developed to work near oil engines in all weather conditions, we clearly believe that these relatively small elements should be reliable and of high quality to guaranree the durability of your devices.

Built-in Charger: allows you to control the charge of the device, as well as get the device without recharging for a certain time.

USB Outputs: It is a useful feature that lets you recharge batteries of the portable devices such as cameras, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

How to charge a micro-portable jump starter booster pack

Most of best lithium-ion jump starters will have a 110/240V adapter that you can connect while charging to the device. The full charge of the lithium-ion jump starter will take several hours. After charging is completed, it’s worth taking off the charger to avoid recharging. Another option for charging the lithium-ion jump starter is the presence of a micro-USB port, which means that you can replace the charger with a charger for your phone. However, such a charge will take longer than the standard one. It is also worth thinking about reloading. Excessive charging of the device reduces service life. As a conclusion, we can say that if you often recharge your device, it will damage the battery and eventually the device may fail. You need to fully charge and turn off the charge.

How many amps do I need a peak jump starter?

To get the maximum possible current strength, you need to find the true mileage rating (mAh) for your device’s battery. In order to check it, you will have to open the lithium-ion jump starter to see the battery specifications or to test the load. Necessary:

  • Open lithium ion jump starter
  • Cut lithium starter battery

Thus, the power Ohm Power = Volt x Ampere or P = VI

What is peak & Cranking Amps?

The process of choosing a lithium ion jump starter may be difficult for a simple user who does not know anything about these products. Buying a lithium ion jump starter, you can get confused, as manufacturers often have no sequencing in the marking of devices. They indicate in the technical characteristics of their devices only some amplifiers, idle amplifiers, some mAg. Some manufacturers even use Joules to make you even more confusing. What is the difference? We have prepared for you a small list of terminology to make you more focused on these complex definitions.

Peak Amps is a fairly simple definition that is characterized by the fact that the maximum power is estimated in order to impress, how much power is needed to charge the battery, and we suggest always refer to the boomers if this power is not enough amps.

Cranking Amps (CA) is a definition that contains the amount of power that your device battery can discharge for 30 seconds at 32 °F (0 °C). In simple terms, this is the power that is needed to start your car engine in any weather.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – this definition refers to the number of amplifiers that the battery can eject for 30 seconds at 0 °F without dropping to 7.2 volts. It is difficult to start the engine in cold frosty weather thanks to a layer of thick oil and increase the resistance of internal parts in the engine – this is why the batteries are rated CA and CCA.

mAh – Milliampere hour (mAh) is 1000 times per hour of an amp (AG).

Both measurements are used to describe the battery charge, that is, how long it takes to charge the battery, and how long it will last before your battery needs recharging. Summing up, we can say that the best amplifier ratings show the real power to start the battery. The 500 CCA device rating has the ability to run virtually any car with an engine and with a battery that does not have a charge at all. So if you need to charge several vehicles, be sure that you have enough lithium jump starter for everyone. Just make sure its power is enough to start the car. No need to worry about overloading e with large engine volumes. If your battery is very weak, then this type of lithium jump starter is right for you.

How much voltage does it take to start a car?

Fully working and charged car batteries should measure 12.6 volts or higher. If the engine is running, this measurement should be from 13.7 to 14.7 volts. If you do not have a device such as a multimeter on hand, in order to find out about the voltage of the battery, you can independently carry out a test on the electric system of your car, starting the engine and turning on the lights. If the lights shine with a faint light, this is the reason why the light sources are turned off by the battery and the generator is not charged. If the illumination gets brighter when your engine is running, this may mean that the alternator generates some current, but this current may not be enough for an engine in a standby mode to keep the battery charged properly. If the headlights have the normal and desired brightness and do not change their intensity for a certain time when the engine is rotating, the charging system most likely works fine. If you have problems with the battery system, you should check if the battery is charged and if it works properly under different conditions.

Can you charge a battery with a jump starter?

They are also called accumulators, chargers, and portable batteries. However, you need to know – jump starter is not a charge for the battery. Jump Starter can be operated anywhere. They often act as a “replaceable battery” to start a car. By definition, Jump Starters is a portable power supply of 12 volts, because it depends on the compact 12-volt internal battery as a power source. Although Jump Starter is commonly used for vehicles, they can also be used as a portable power supply for miniature 12V DC accessories. Since Jump Starters depend on the internal battery as a power source, they must be recharged after each use and application, it should occur periodically to leave the battery charge. The battery charger is part of every Jump Starter that’s on the market. To charge it, you need to connect your device to a standard 110 V AC outlet. Charging typically lasts from 10 to 36 hours, depending on the state of discharge of the battery. The charge indicator shows the need for charging. The generator ensures recharging of the car battery if it is operating in proper working order. Some Jump Starters offer you additional features such as air compressors and faulty light detectors, or a built-in power inverter. The power inverter converts the 12 Volt Jump Starter current to 110 watts of AC power, allowing you to work with 110-volt power tools, bulbs or other devices. Carefully read the operating instructions of the device before using any electrical appliance!