DBPower DJS50 — Portable Car Jump Starter Review

DBPower DJS50 — Portable Car Jump Starter Review

Have you ever had a car battery run out in the middle of the road? How did you feel? Probably you were irritated or upset. A portable car starter can protect you from such inconveniences. Also, it is useful if you are an active user of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In the shortest possible time, they will be charged. Let’s consider one of the best lithium jump starters on the market.

This innovative device has the following features:

  • weight – 1.35 pounds
  • dimensions – 7.5*3.4*1.6 inches
  • amperage – 800 A
  • current at the start – 500 A
  • voltage – 12 volts
  • capacity – 18000mAh
  • 5V/2.1A 5V/2.1A USD outputs
  • 15V/1A input
  • lithium-ion battery is required
  • no folding
  • the USB cable and user manual are attached to the starter.

DBPower 800A 18000mAh — Strong and Weak Sides

DBPower DJS50 800A

This device comes with a very well designed and sturdy carry case housing all the accessories: mains and 12V car cigarettes socket chargers, jump start charging clamps, and a USB cable. The power pack contains a compass and a bright flashlight which are quite useful if your car breaks down in the dark. There is plenty of power to jumpstart a car with a flat battery and it is lighter than the conventional jumpstarter. DBPower 800A 18000mAh portable car jump starter is a must have for someone whose car is not in top-notch condition and aren’t going to buy a new battery. It can also be used as a power source for laptops, mobile phones, and even power tools.


  • Due to the small size and weight, you will not experience inconvenience while carrying the device. Put it in your bag or car glove compartment. There will be no mess in your vehicle.
  • High power allows getting your vehicle started in just one charge.
  • In addition, there is the possibility of charging mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets.
  • Not the least role is played by stylish design. You will be pleased to look at the battery and hold it in hands. The hard housing protects internal parts from damage.
  • A convenient LED flashlight with three modes (lightening, SOS, strobe) is provided. In emergencies, you can use a special red light.
  • The modern LCD screen provides all the necessary information about the state of the device so that you can easily monitor its performance.
  • It is not only a reliable and stylish but also absolutely safe starter. Manufacturers equipped it with protection from a short circuit, reverse current, overload, overheating, and other abnormalities of work.


  • Sometimes, the device does not reach the maximum amperage. According to their observations, the real level remained 500 A.
  • The low temperatures can adversely affect the operation of the starter.
  • Over time, charging passes slowly and does not always reach the primary level.


Undoubtedly, the advantages of this device exceed its minor flaws. 90% of customers put the highest mark and are satisfied with the purchase. The starter corresponds to its price.

In some cases, you can get free shipping. This battery will become a reliable assistant in everyday life and critical situations. So do not doubt that this is a good device. Enjoy comfort and security wherever you are.

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