How Many Watts Does It Take to Run Generator for RV Air Conditioner

How Many Watts Does It Take to Run Generator for RV Air Conditioner

No matter how much experience you have with the RVing, you know that the power source that comes with your motorhome might be too weak. Picking the best generator for RV would allow you to run more appliances. Thus it is vital if you require more voltage for your comfort.

Picking the Generator Size

So how do you determine how many watts do you need? Follow my simple steps and the whole process will be very simple for you even if you have never used powerhouses before:

  • Note that gadgets have a starting voltage consumption and the running voltage consumption. It is the starting power consumption that you are after. It is always higher than the operational power intake.
  • Pick out all the appliances you want to be in your camping van. Be specific, pick all the things you want. Starting from the phone chargers to fridges, air conditioners, TVs, etc.
  • Now you need to check the manuals to find out the starting energy consumption and the operational one for each and every device. Prepare to be surprised at the number of watts you need for your comfort.
  • Now with all these digits you can go on and order the generator that will run the air conditioner and many others at the same time. Note that if you have a power-supply unit in the doublewide already you can buy a smaller one. Simply subtract the wattage of your external voltage source from the total amount of wattage that you need. The remaining difference is what you will have to cover up with the new energy unit.


Now that you understand what generator size for RV you need there are many other things to consider. Note that you will also have to check for the weight of your powerhouse. Make sure your motorhome can contain the weight of all of your appliances plus the generators?

Also, check the operational time. See how much time it will take for your voltage unit to run out. This way you can plan ahead and see how long it can provide you with voltage.

There are many other small details for you to consider. When buying a generator for RV air conditioner you will also have to think over the placement. Do you have space for the AC, fridge, and other stuff?