How to Jump Start a Car with a Portable Jump Starter?

How to Jump Start a Car with a Portable Jump Starter?

It is impossible to predict when your car will refuse to start up: it often happens due to frosty weather or without any obvious reasons. Fortunately, the advanced compact and portable devices are able to make it easier to handle with such unexpected situations. That is why you need to have the best car jump starter if you want to protect yourself from cases when the engine of your car just refuses to start and you have to deal with a problem by yourself.

Such innovative equipment like portable car jump starter has a bunch of benefits: it is completely autonomous, and nothing else is needed to start a car, except the jump starter itself; they are able to start a car even with a fully discharged battery. The convenience of such devices is also in their speed.

The next steps will help you be aware of how to use a portable jump starter to start your car.

The Initial Steps

  1. A jump starter must be used to start a car with an engine capacity of no more than it specified in the instructions of your model. It’s necessary to follow those recommendations because otherwise, the device may not work with your car or even can be damaged, experiencing an excessive load.
  2. Before using a jump starter, look at the indicators to confirm that the equipment has enough charge level to help you start a car. The least possible level is indicated in the instructions for the corresponding model. However, it’s recommended to use a fully charged device.
  3. Before starting, make sure that all the electrical consumers in the car are turned off: headlights, stove, radio, etc.

Connecting The Jump Starter

  1. Connect the start wires to the device and make sure that the indicators of the electronic starting wires are turned off.
  2. Connect the “+” clip of the starting wire to the positive pole of the battery, and then connect the “-” clip to the negative pole of the battery. Make sure that the power clamps are tightly connected to the battery terminals.
  3. Start the engine. If it doesn’t start after 3-5 seconds, then you must stop for at least one minute and then restart. The charge of the device will restore, so it’s much more efficient to do three tries for 5 seconds with a one-minute interval. If your car will not be started after three attempts then you should figure out how to jump start a car with a portable jump start of your certain model using instructions. If it won’t help, you should check your car in the auto repair shop.
  4. Disconnect the power clips from the battery.

Things To Consider Before Using a Jump Starter

Please note that it’s not possible to use the jump starter which was kept at subzero temperature. There will be no sense from such a frozen device – it is guaranteed not to start your car. However, if it is frozen, heat the device at room temperature for several hours. It should be borne in mind that long-term storage at low temperatures leads to a decrease in the capacity of a device.