How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter

How to Clean Cold Air Intake Filter

The performance of your automobile’s engine is highly enhanced when you fit a cold air intake filter. The dense air uplifts the number of oxygen molecules available for combustion and, as a result, produces higher speed. Some of the best cold air intake filters include K&N Kit, Blackhorse racing, MooSun models, etc.

It is always better to fix the problem before it becomes incurable. Regular cleanups of these systems reduce the cost spent on fuel and prevent your car from becoming slow and degrading over time. In this article, you will learn some easy steps that will explain how to clean a cold air intake filter at home. It is essential to make your automobile’s air purifiers clean to hold on to their unbeatable speed and capability.

How to Clean a Cold Air Intake Filter

The process is easy and essential to ignite the fuel completely and keep your automobile well-maintained. Before removing the dust and scrap from the strainer, it is necessary to know the type of waste captured through the air purifier of your motor car to clean it efficiently. You need to remove the filter and throw out as much dust as possible by merely shaking it. You can use aerosols that perforate the folds of the filter to let out the dust. Spray options are also available to directly focus on removing pollution from its pleats. Cleaning kits are generally used for oiled cold intake filters.

There are two varieties of intake filters available on the market, dry or oiled. However, they can be cleaned with a similar procedure. For making the process easy for you, given below is a stepwise guide.

  • Step 1 – Use a screwdriver to take out the filter from your car and push out the loose dust by shaking the filter or by using a vacuum hose.
  • Step 2 – This is the key step that uses cleaning kits or mild dish soaps for cleaning out the filter. Cleaning kits like the ones manufactured by K&N that clean air filters are much more convenient to use. Apply the spray or soap and let it rest for at least 10mins.
  • Step 3 – Wash the air purifiers with clean water. This step needs to be completed before the soap dries and the dust settles again. Steps 2 and 3 can be continued till the filter is free from all the unwanted dust and dirt.
  • Step 4 – This step is specifically for oiled filters. Apply oil to keep up the filter’s efficiency. The outcome of these simple steps is a clean cold air intake filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a dry cold air intake filter?

For cleaning a cold air intake filter, one must start by carefully using a brush with soft bristles or by gently tapping the filter to remove loose dirt. Put the cleaning formulation on it and let it enter the folds of the system, and then thoroughly rinse it. Repeat these steps till the filter is free of all unwanted particles. Keep the filter out for drying for at least an hour, and then install it back in your automobile.

How often to clean cold air intake filter?

The answer to the question “how often should I clean my cold air intake filter” depends on the geographical conditions where you ride your car. If the area where you live or have driven to is highly polluted, you require frequent cleaning sessions. As a rule of thumb, We would suggest cleaning it every time you get your oil changed. However, you must take out time after every season to successfully sustain your cold air intake filter.

How to clean Injen cold air intake filter?

Injen cold air-consuming purifiers are dry and don’t require oiling. The best way to clean a cold air intake filter by Injen is to use the cleaning kits that include everything you require during the process. The kit comes with a filter cleaner that first looses and then removes dirt inside the filter and an air filter oil that keeps dust away.

How to clean K&N cold air intake filter?

K&N cold air intake filter cleaning is a much simpler task. They provide their cleaning kits which have oil and cleaning mixtures to make your task handy. Just after getting rid of the unwanted particles stuck on the air filter with the powerful and safe solution, apply the oil. This will keep your cool air engulfing systems energetic and fuel-efficient for a long time.