Can You Charge A Battery With A Jump Starter?

Can You Charge A Battery With A Jump Starter?

A generator is used to charge a car battery. So, if you are looking for best jump starter to charge a battery of your vehicle then you probably have some problems with a charging mechanism of your car. Otherwise, you are just curious if this device is supplied with such a function, as there are always many reasons why you may need to urgently get your car battery charged.

Low temperatures, the less light day, constantly turned on headlights, the usage of the additional heating systems all this contributes to the accelerated discharge of the battery. And it’s good if there is a car service nearby, but what if not? Then you will definitely need to provide yourself with some device that is able to fix this problem.

However, what is the benefit of a jump starter? Its main task is to start the engine of a car by applying current to the starter. It has a built-in battery that is responsible for the current generation and also able to tolerate frost up to 20 °C, heat, humidity, and hold a charge for a long time. It is also extremely compact, works completely autonomous, and strongly associated with a power bank. So that is why the question “will a jump starter charge a battery?” can logically rise.

Is a Jump Starter Able to Charge a Battery?

The two main functions of a jump starter include:

  1. Starting an engine of a car with a low battery and in some cases, the battery is not even needed to get started. The neoteric jump starters can run up to 20 dead batteries, without needing to recharge.
  2. The auxiliary function the ability to recharge the mobile devices or be a power source for small equipment. Depending on the model, a jump starter may be having the connectors with different voltages (5, 12, 19V), which are relevant to turn on the electric shaver, or similar small electrical appliances, like tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Based on this, can a jump starter charge a battery? The answer is no, rather than yes. Despite the fact that some models are able to give out a charge to small equipment, it is definitely not enough for a massive car battery. However, it is able to provide a sort of a “fast charging” which is actually nothing more than just the possibility to start your car for one time because it definitely can’t work as a battery charger or car generator. Having a jump starter actually can help a lot in the urgent situation, when you need to go but don’t have time to wait for the battery to charge.

So, instead of trying to solve a problem by trying to charge a battery with a jump starter, I would recommend you to try to find out why it is got discharged and what is the trouble with charging battery by the generator. Maybe, you just need to get a new battery (usually, their trouble-free work lasts no more than two years), but if the problem evolves the generator, it is better to get the car service help. Instead of trying to solve the problem by yourself, find a reliable specialist to get your battery problem fixed.