Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

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If you’re looking for the best motorcycle chain lube, you’ve probably already ridden your first thousand of miles in different road circumstances and weather conditions. The modern chain lubes are created with several parameters in mind; so, it’s important to be aware of them before you pay for another pound of lubricant.

  • Type of chain. The shape of chainrings can play an important role when choosing a proper lubricant. While X-ring and Z-ring chains are easy to distribute the lube along, the connection places in O-ring chains might be left less covered.
  • Type of road. If you ride mostly on highways, you don’t encounter as much debris and pebbles, and dirt as off the road. It means the chain encounters less impact, while also doing less work when riding. So, the chain lubricant can feature medium dirt and water protection.
  • Style of riding. If you’re in for racing, your chain lube mustn’t come in the way of rotation but improve it. They endure the considerable temperatures but are rather sticky attracting road dust and debris. The lubes designed for everyday riding usually form a thicker layer while serving better for dirt protection.
  • Weather conditions. Chain lubricants vary depending on the environment temperature and overall conditions. Pick a water-resistant lube if you often ride when it’s raining or in the humid climate. Get a thicker consistency grease if you plan on riding in cold weather.

Descriptions below feature the lubes for motorcycle chain maintenance meet different requirements. Pick yours!

Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant
High versatility and ability to endure the extreme conditions make this lubricant claim the title of the best motorcycle chain lube. Meanwhile, it forms quite a thin film, and in severe conditions might require more frequent application than competitor products.

The selling point of this chain lube is its innovative formula containing Teflon polymer and Molybdenum. These chemicals make the fluid highly resistant to debris after drying. Rain, dirt, road dust, grit, grass, fuel residue are repelled efficiently leaving the chain clean. The wax component is used in order to not let the dust particles stick to the chain; besides, it makes the lube stick firmly to a chain and not fling even at a high rotation speed.

The lubricant is also temperature resistant and can be used under different climate conditions. It doesn’t lose its properties at as much as 300F degrees, and thus, is a good option for the powerful motorbikes.

The lube doesn’t splatter and can be removed easily before it gets dry. However, it dries really fast; so, it’s advisable to have a cloth around to remove it quickly if needed. Thanks to this, the Dupont chain lube can be used on vertical joints like automobile door locks or moving fence hinges.


  • Effective on metal, plastic, and rubber joints.
  • Safe to use on O-ring chains, penetrates well.
  • High water resistance, endures rainfalls and large puddles.


  • Runny, can drip from the tube while being applied.
  • The scent is dominant, might not be good for people sensitive to fumes.

Maxima Racing Oils 74920-4PK Chain Wax

Maxima Racing Oils 74920-4PK Chain Wax
The heavy-duty usage is a visit card of this motorcycle chain wax. The Maxima chain wax fits various conditions and riding styles ensuring chain protection from multiple debris and water penetration.

The lube is made on a paraffin basis that forms a thin yet strong film on a chain. The fluid has an amber color and creates a brownish or yellowish coating. Before drying, the lubricant runs quickly enough. It gets distributed along the chain and the sprocket fast, filling all gaps and coating the surfaces swiftly. The wax coating formed repels dust, grit, road grime effectively, and also endures considerable water impact. It protects the chain effectively even in the constant humidity and doesn’t wash off during heavy raining.

The lubricant is no-fling one and sticks to the chain well. It doesn’t lose its properties with the temperature increase, holding on firmly and repelling the contaminants. The strong sealing formula allows keeping the chain operational and non-stretching, ensuring the fast chain rotation and minimal friction between the chain and sprocket. The film formed is rather thick, and once dry, is removed with the strong solvent only.


  • Prevents rust, due to zero water penetration through the lube film.
  • Fits both racing and conventional motorcycle riding.
  • No splatter lube, runs within a stream; it leaves the wheels and environment clean.


  • In the heat, wears off quickly, requiring a repeating application.
  • The price is rather on a steep side.

PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube
This motorcycle chain oil has been designed with O-ring chains in mind, while it also fits well the conventional X- and Z-ring ones. The lubricant protects the roller chain and sprocket at all stages of lube application and chain operation ensuring the long-term mechanism life.

The lube is based on a petroleum formula allowing it to stick to the metal on the chain while staying wet and flexible. It keeps the chain and sprockets moving without effort due to considerable friction decrease, filling in the space between the cogs and creating a cushion effect for the chainrings. It forms a strong film not letting the debris embed into the chain mechanism. The road grime and sand can still accumulate on the chain surface, while they can be easily washed off not leaving any trail or causing damage to the rings.

Once dry, the lubricant repels water efficiently preventing corrosion and heavy friction on a chain. It’s effective against splashes and occasional water drops, as well as in humid areas. The lube is applied easily; it has a fluid consistency and covers the O-rings in the chain in full, within a short time.


  • Heavy-duty, resists multiple environmental and shock impacts.
  • Long-lasting open-can life, due to petroleum content.
  • Transparent color, not noticeable on the chain.


  • In the dry and hot environment, tends to get sticky on the surface and attract contaminants.
  • The spray straw is flimsy.

Motul TRTC7243 Chain Lube 103246, 9.3 Fluid_Ounces

Motul TRTC7243 Chain Lube 103246, 9.3 Fluid_Ounces
Compatibility with different chain types and highly sticky essence make this motorcycle chain lubricant a good choice for the bike owners. It ensures the proper lubrication of the rings and other parts even in the extreme heat, while not being the top pick for off-road riding.

This lube is heavy and greasy, ensuring the solid chain rollers protection, even at the extreme load. It can be applied to a warm chain and stick to it within a short time, which is important for racing pit-stop activities. Another benefit is a non-slinging formula letting the lube stay on a chain at a high rotation rate and in the heat.

Initially, the lubricant is of milky consistency and keeps being wet for a few hours, moistening the chain effectively. Upon that, it turns into a wax-like coating holding on to chain but repelling the outside particles like dirt, grime, or grit to some extent.

The fluid doesn’t get dry as fast as some competitors. Meanwhile, it isn’t messy and the chain can be installed in about 15 minutes after getting the lubricant on.


  • Thick consistency, it is not wasted too fast.
  • Keeps the chain flexible and non-stretching.
  • Turns white and waxy upon application, easy to control the chain coverage.


  • Not easy to clean if you overspray it occasionally.
  • Poor water protection.

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube
The lubricant combines the positives of the standard chain lube and the wax-like coating, resulting in a versatile product ensuring the chain protection and maintenance. It fits the chains with the different shapes of the rings.

Upon application, the lube turns into a firm coating film. While being slightly tacky, the film repels water drops and grit, it doesn’t let get through the grime and dust. The petroleum compound in the lubricant formula accounts for the strong hold-on to the chain. Even used right after the application, the lube doesn’t fling off, keeping the bike and the rider clean. The particles that got stuck to the chain during the ride are usually easily removed by washing or light wiping leaving the chain clean as well.

The lube greases the chain quickly covering all surfaces available. It forms a medium layer on the chain surface and ensures the minimal shock and friction between the chainrings and the sprocket. Quick-drying and high-quality chain greasing with the good protection from the small debris and road grime makes it a suitable chain lube for different motorcycle activities including off-road riding on the moderately clean terrain.


  • Works well in the changing climate, doesn’t lose sticking properties.
  • Low consumption due to long-lasting service period.
  • Good consistency, flows easily but doesn’t splatter.


  • White color, doesn’t get transparent after it dries.
  • Needs time upon application, otherwise, dirt and other contaminants will stick to it immediately; no lube-and-go product.

nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease

nextzett 96050515 Ultra Gel Chain Grease
This chain lube doesn’t cost much; yet, it’s good for usage at different temperatures and effective in chain protection from wear and corrosion.

The lubricant doesn’t contain the resin components, as well as acid ones, treating the chain carefully, not harming its surface. It runs like a liquid, coating all the surfaces available; then, turning into the thick grease. It forms a sticky layer clinging to the chain reliable, not running off or splattering around even at the high load of racing or off-road riding.

The grease protects the chain filling all micro-scratches and roller joints. It’s also safe for usage in O-shaped chains, as it distributes evenly along the chain. This lube creates a cushion between the sprocket and the chainrings letting them move without effort. It also prevents chain wearing and rusting, efficiently lubing the joints and not letting the liquid stagnate and penetrate the metal parts.

This product is designed to withdraw the heat and cold making a protection layer for the chain. It doesn’t freeze or gets solid at as low as -40F degrees while holding on chain well and not running even at 430F degrees.


  • Fit for racing bikes, doesn’t fling off at the fast chain rotation and high temperature.
  • Quickly gets solid, can be used outside in different climate conditions.
  • Not messy, easy to apply.


  • Doesn’t fit for application on a warm chain.
  • The color of applied grease looks like rust.

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol
This chain oil is designed for the enhanced protection of the chain parts and preserving it operational in different conditions. It also dissolves the rust and is often used as a motorcycle chain cleaner.

The lube has a semi-synthetic formula, which doesn’t dissolve the chain upper coating and doesn’t aggravate its minor flaws (like scratches, mini cracks, etc.). It is sprayed as a foam initially, with an airy structure that penetrates into the tiniest joints and chain pins lubing them effectively. It creates a smooth coating in bushings and results in a smooth effortless rotation of the chain while protecting all the moving parts from wearing.

The lube aerosol is also effective against corrosion formation, as it repels water condensate. It also prevents chain rusting letting the water run off its surface. It might be less efficient during off-road riding, as the thin film might be washed off if it gets wet or dirty. Still, this is a good lubricant for racing and regular riding, repelling the minor road grime and dust efficiently. Summing up, this high-penetration lube is definitely a challenger for the best motorcycle chain cleaner among lubricant products, due to its anti-corrosion and anti-friction properties. Meanwhile, using it on a hot or warm chain might result in less efficient coating and the residue run-off.


  • One aerosol is enough for a long time because it doesn’t require frequent application.
  • Solidified lube makes a thin layer almost non-visible on the chain.
  • The scent is minimal and not synthetic-like.


  • Flings off at high speed.

Buyer’s Guide

How to Clean Motorcycle Chain. Tips

The lubricant should be applied to the clean chain. That’s the only way it will stick and get distributed evenly, filling all space it’s supposed to. Here’s a short guide to the manual motorcycle chain cleaning.

  • Get prepared. You’ll need protection means (usually a pair of thin rubber gloves is enough), some large cloth or a cardboard piece for putting on the ground, a cloth for wiping the chain, the special brush for motorcycle chain cleaning or another type of brush (an old toothbrush would do the trick, too) and a cleaner spray. Make sure you have enough cleaner cans, while the actual amount needed depends on the contamination of the chain.
  • Remove the chain from the bike or put a bike into a paddock stand, a rear stand, hang it on a lift holder. If all those positions aren’t an option, simply put it in the kickstand but ensure you have enough space to move the bike forward and backward.
  • Inspect the chain. Some chains are safer to replace than to maintain if the links are weak and the chain feels slack and doesn’t improve much upon tensioning, well, maybe it’s time to have a new chain. Remember to look at the sprockets, too. No sharp teeth are acceptable.
  • Apply the cleaner generously. Soak the lower chain section in the cleaning solvent. Make sure the cleaner gets into the links as well.
  • Brush it. Use a special chain brush or an ordinary brush to rub the chain section. If your chain is of a sealed type, make sure not to apply too much pressure to keep the sealing rings in. Upon finishing with the current section, rotate the chain a bit and proceed to another one.
  • Soak again. Use a cleaner once more to get rid of the contaminant remnants.
  • Wash it. Pour running water onto the chain. No pressure rinsing fits here.
  • Dry it. Let the chain dry, either by leaving it for a while or giving the bike a short ride.
  • Now, the chain can be lubed.

Advice on How Often to Lube Motorcycle Chain

There’s no fit-for-all recommendation on how often to apply the chain lube because there are many factors that can increase or minimize the term of the next lubrication:

  • Chain type condition. Old chains, with some tight links, chains having rust stains require more frequent lubrication (preferably, upon each ride). The sealed chains hold the lube inside the rollers better; thus, the maintenance is required less often.
  • Mileage. The standard recommendation is lubing the chain every 500 miles.
  • Road condition. If you ride the dusty roads with a lot of grit sticking to the chain, it should be cleaned and lubed lots of times to prevent chain locking – about every 150 miles.
  • Climate. The moist climate and extreme temperatures (both heat and cold) require a frequent lubricant application (at least once in a week.

Can the WD-40 Serve as an Only Chain Lube?

The WD-40 is a liquid substance designed to make the surface water-resistant. Applied to the chain or another surface, it will make water-containing particles, such as mud and grime come off. Thus, it can be used for chain cleaning purposes.

However, water resistance isn’t the only property of good chain lube. The lubricant for the motorcycle chain must fill in the space between pins and bushing, cover the rollers, and stick to them for all time repelling road grime and dust. Importantly, it should be sticky to the chain surface and not fly off at heating and high-speed rotation of the chain. The WD-40 doesn’t have those properties and thus, isn’t the option for chain lube.

Considering Dry Motorcycle Lube vs Wet Motorcycle Lube

This wet lubricant has a thick greasy consistency. It sticks to the chains well forming a protection layer repelling condensate and water splashes. It covers all the chain structures efficiently and is highly sticky, both to chain surface and outside particles.

The dry lube usually contains a lot of chemicals including acids and other toxic substances. It works like a wax forming a thin layer, which is effective against dust, grit, and other contaminants.

The function and properties of the dry lube vs wet lube differ in the following:

  • Chain treatment. The wet lube fills all the gaps and sticks to the inside parts of the chains more efficiently creating a solid cushion between the chain moving parts and reducing friction. It’s also less toxic and doesn’t affect the upper layer of the chain metal as much as a dry lube does.
  • Sling off. The dry lube is usually creating less mess sticking to a chain well at the high speed and not flying off at rotation and heat.
  • Dirt resistance. The dry lube is more effective not attracting the debris and keeping them washable from the chain. The wet lube attracts the contaminants and can form a grinding paste harmful to the chain.
  • Water resistance. While a dry lube usually repels a small amount of water efficiently, it becomes washed off easily by the heavy rain or pressurized water.
  • Application. The wet lube usually requires less often application than a dry one.