Best Engine Flush Reviews

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Best Engine Flush Reviews

The engine is the main part of the car and easily gets polluted. The deposits of various origins settle on the walls in the form of plaque and, over time, can completely seal all the filters. That’s why it requires more than just usual oil change. For this reason, occasional use of the best engine flush is an essential measure.

This fact can be proved by all mechanics and car owners with a lot of experience. After all, most drivers tend to change the engine oil only once a year (without even paying attention to the mileage). Nevertheless, only a few car owners resort to internal engine cleaner use even despite the fact that timely deposits elimination is one of the essential components of the vehicle’s durability.

It is a general consensus that the engine cleaning carries out along with the oil change. After all, it makes sense that all the excess particles, pollution, and garbage from the engine go away along with the old oil. In fact, this is not true at all: the old scurf on the engine’s walls can never be poured off along with the oil. And the older the car is, the thicker is this scurf. This way, eventually, it will be almost impossible to remove, and your engine will become completely worthless.

The process of engine flushing raises many questions: How to do it? Which remedy is better to use? The best engine flush reviews are aimed to answer those questions. Read on to get all the necessary info on the topic!

Engine Flush Reviews

Sea Foam SF-16 — Best Engine Flush Cleaner

Sea Foam 1 Pack (16 Ounce)
The Sea Foam can be the best engine oil flush regarding versatility as it’s suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, being also fully compatible with cars that have catalytic converters. The flush can work with all the engine oils available.

It’s capable of cleaning the engine, but also it lubricates critical areas. Being made from petroleum ingredients, it’s 100% safe for the engine, but because of that, it can be messy. The usage of this flush will make your car put out thick clouds of smoke. However, it doesn’t indicate any malfunction, the Sea Foam just blows out all the junk from your engine. Thanks to the all-natural components, it can be the best engine flush for old motors.

The Sea Foam liquefies different kinds of deposits, freeing the engine from pinging and hesitation issues. The product also improves engine performance and contributes to the fuel economy. This way, it will save money that you could spend on your car in the long run.

It is worth mentioning that the Sea Foam is extremely easy to use, and it is also quite economical: one small can is enough to clean up the whole engine.


  • This solution got rid of my engine of choke problems, backfiring, or bogging down issues.
  • It is able to clean up the injectors, carb jets, and passageways.


  • It may not be effective for high-mileage cars.

Liqui Moly 2037

Liqui Moly 2037
This model from Liqui Moly is another flush suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. Even though this flush doesn’t have some high-tech ingredients in its composition, the manufacturer did everything possible to provide reliable cleaning. Thanks to the specialized formula with additives and mineral oils, the remedy has good solvent properties to remove even hardened contaminants. All the other types of adverse deposits can be removed by this product as well. The flush also will not cause any damage to your car: the Liqui Moly is safe for seals and other delicate parts of the engine.

The usage of this flush additionally improves the combustion process by restoring the performance of the engine and prevents corrosion. Nevertheless, don’t rely on this flush as the only one anti-wear agent additive.

This cleaner proves that the engine flushing can be refreshingly easy, the whole process won’t take more than 15 minutes. However, in seek for the best engine flush product, note that it won’t reduce oil consumption.


  • It’s manufactured from environmentally friendly ingredients.
  • After using this solution, the engine started smoothly, quieter, and much faster.
  • Managed to remove a lot of grime.


  • It can’t be used for 2-stroke engines.

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000
The Prolong Super Lubricants uses a modern AFMT technology to treat the engine with extreme caution. Interacting with oil, the flush creates a protective layer to eliminate the detrimental effect caused on the engine by friction and high temperatures, and the heat reduction is an essential measure to provide the engine’s durability. This way, oil efficiency significantly increases.

This flush demonstrates an outstanding effectivity under great pressure, in those engine parts where strong metal contact compresses engine oil. The Prolong Super Lubricants is capable of protecting the engine even if there are problems with oil circulation. It is also good for both new engines that require only superficial help and for old engines that need serious treatment.

The engine flush reviews rarely include products that guarantee soft effect as most flushes contain solid elements. However, this cleaner from Prolong Super Lubricants doesn’t have such particles as zinc, graphite, etc.

You won’t have to waste your time trying to find out how to flush engine oil sludge properly as all you need is just pour it straight into the engine case.


  • It has great lubricating properties.
  • Includes anti-friction formula.


  • The $16 price tag for 12-ounce is too high, it even may not be enough for one flushing procedure.

Lubegard 40902

Lubegard 40902
This flush can work as both gasoline and diesel engine flush and is compatible with most motor oils.

This flush is a great treatment for noisy engines — it’s capable of making your car work quieter by reducing motor friction. Its formula helps the car work smoothly and prevents oxidation, extending engine oil life. It also uses the Liquid Wax Ester technology that contains special lubricants, able to restore the engine performance and save it from wearing out. The flush is especially effective for modern complex engines that have many moving parts and get heated very quickly which leads to lubricity loss. This engine cleaner guarantees that the oil will keep a cool temperature.

The Lubegard 40902 is potentially the best motor flush regarding fuel economy properties. In combination with good oil, this product can make a really good job saving your money.


  • Replaces emaciated protective components of motor oil.
  • Works with almost all engine types.


  • Not very effective for hardened soils.

Lubegard 98901

Lubegard 98901
This product from Lubegard doesn’t contain any kind of aggressive cleaning agents, so can be safely used by those car owners who are afraid of accidental engine damage when choosing the best engine flush for sludge. It’s also suitable for the engine with unique and unusual constructions.

Taking into account the gentle formula of this flush, this remedy isn’t designed to reanimate the old engines that are in terrible condition. Mostly, it fits high-performance engines — the acid base of the cleaner is quite effective but still not harsh.

The Lubegard is possibly the best internal engine cleaner with lubricating properties on the list. Thanks to that, it is capable of increasing motor oil mileage up to 30%. It will be especially effective in combination with a high-quality oil.


  • It is able to get rid of micro contaminants on the engine.
  • It comes along with a special BioTech engine protector.


  • Doesn’t fit all the engines.

Buyer’s Guide

Guide on How to Flush Engine

The best way to flush engine oil includes several steps. It’s not a difficult process and requires only strict adherence to instruction step by step.

1. Diagnose the condition of all vehicle’s mechanisms, especially the engine. Don’t forget that the flushing without need can cause serious damage to your car.

The motor should be flushed in the following cases:

  • When you use new oil, which differs from the previous by type, viscosity, manufacturer, and so on.
  • After acquiring a used car.
  • If you change the oil after the recommended period.
  • After car engine repair.
  • When there is a possibility that extraneous liquids like antifreeze, gasoline, water, and so on could get into the motor.
  • If you drive frequently and quickly, it’s better to flush the motor on a regular basis.

2. At the very beginning, the flush must be poured out either directly to the used oil or after the old oil is drained. The exact method actually depends on the flush you use. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to guess how much flushing oil is needed. The filling should be done by the level (or even closer) to the “max” mark. The reduced viscosity of the product allows doing it without any risks for the internal combustion engine.

3. Then start the engine at idle for 10-15 minutes. The accurate flushing time varies depending on the liquid’s brand, so clarify it in advance. Usually, all info on how long does it take to clean up the engine is indicated on the label.

4. Remember, it’s forbidden to gas when using the engine flush since it won’t be able to protect the motor under load. At the end of the cleaning, turn off the engine, drain the flush, change the oil filter, and pour the fresh grease.

What is an Engine Flush and Its Benefits

The engine flush is a chemical agent designed to clean up all the harmful contaminants from the car engine. Thus, the main aim of the flush to clean up all the internal components of the engine. It usually contains dispersing and washing additives, stabilizers, antiwear additives, etc. The contaminants in dissolved and split form accumulate in the engine’s sump, and the reduced viscosity of the flush decreases the oil remainings of the walls.

There are different kinds of flush designed for a particular type of ICE. This means that flush for a diesel engine has special unique additives that differ from gasoline engines analogs. However, now, the manufacturers often produce flushes that are universal for both engine types.

There are several ways to clean up the engine, but the flush has some advantages. First of all, it’s a mean designed specifically for engines and, if used correctly, won’t damage your car. Plus, it has high washing properties, which allows effectively removing deposits and sediment from the engine. It also has good anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties, compatibility with seal materials, and also contains an effective antioxidant.

The fact that the flush simplifies the process of the engine purification is another great benefit. However, some drivers neglect to clean the car engine because they think that it’s costly and difficult. In fact, the engine flush cost varies very low to extremely high, so it’s definitely won’t make you break the bank. The engine flushing is one of the few procedures that can be done even by an inexperienced driver. Typically, the engine flush is purchased along with a new lubricant canister and a new filter.

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