Best Motorcycle Oil Reviews

Best Motorcycle Oil Reviews
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We are ready to help you to choose the best motorcycle oil. I have already tested different oils and I’m ready to render my verdict. In general, there are three main types of motorcycle engine oils.

The difference is quite simple:

Full-synthetic oil
Full synthetic oil is considered to be the best motorcycle oil in this market because it’s made of factory created oils. It’s strongly recommended to buy full-synthetic oil if you have a high-performance motorcycle. In addition, there are a lot of specialists, who declare that full-synthetic oils increase the performance of motorcycles, but this benefit is not proven. In fact, this oil is probably the most popular right now.

Mineral oils
Mineral oils are very useful if you use a new motorcycle because this oil for motorcycle provides great protection of new engines for the first few kilometers. If you have a small capacity engine, we strongly recommend you to buy this type of oil.

Semi-synthetic oil
It’s the combination of crude oil with synthetic. This oil is significantly cheaper. It also lasts longer than its competitors.

To figure out more about particular products and their advantages or disadvantages, you should read this article ASAP.

Best Motorcycle Oil Reviews

We should admit that the market of motorcycle oils is really enormous and it’s a real challenge to choose the best product and brand if you are not experienced in this sphere. So, if you want to read motorcycle oil reviews without idle talks — keep reading!

Best synthetic motorcycle oils

Shell Rotella T6: relatively cheap and reliable

Shell Rotella T6
Shell Rotella T6 is full-synthetic motor oil, which has a great heat resistance (it provides continuous protection). This product provides a great level of protection against harmful engine wear. The manufacturer declares that it provides significantly better protection against dirt. Please note, the engine doesn’t work faster with this synthetic motorcycle oil but it’s significantly smoothly.

  • If you use this oil, you can reduce fuel consumption significantly and save a lot of money.
  • You can use it for a wet clutch motorcycle.
  • You shouldn’t buy this oil if you have a powerful racer motorcycle.

Red Line RED42504: best oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles

Red Line RED42504
The next synthetic oil, which we are going to consider, was created by the American company Red Line. This oil is great if you are a happy owner of Harley Davidson, but it doesn’t mean that it is a bad choice for other motorcyclists. This oil seems to have a bit of a thick/sticky consistency to it. One of the big advantages to Red Line is that it starts out with a base that is at the top end of the multi-viscosity range and adds additives to allow it to pass the viscosity rating for the lower end of the range.

  • Extended drain intervals over other brands.
  • The engine works quieter and smoother.
  • The engine runs much cooler with this oil.
  • The price is a bit higher than the price of other motorcycle oil brands.

Castrol 06112 POWER 1: premium quality oil for 4-stroke motorcycles

 Castrol 06112 POWER 1
Castrol is one of the most popular manufacturers of oils in the world and their Castrol motorcycle oil is not an exception. Also, I noticed that this oil minimizes internal engine friction. Unfortunately, you cannot use this synthetic oil for 2-stroke motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV/Scooters, while a lot of its competitors are compatible with these vehicles. On the other hand, you can use it for 4-stroke motorcycles and V-twin Motorcycles.

  • Perfect synthetic oil if you have a limited budget, still, this Castrol oil is relatively cheap and economic.
  • I noticed an immediate boost in power when I changed the oil.
  • With this oil, wet clutch shifts good and without complaints.
  • The viscosity of this oil is a bit strange. As for me, this oil is too fluid.

Royal Purple 06315-6PK: expensive oil, which ideally protects your engine

Royal Purple 06315-6PK
I had also a possibility to test Royal Purple motorcycle oil, which is significantly more expensive than other brands, which we are going to consider in this article. This oil protects the engine from dust and corrosion, that’s why it extends the life of your equipment. Besides, this synthetic oil is great for highly stressed transmissions, that’s why if you have a powerful motorcycle and you keen on extremal riding, this oil will be probably an ideal alternative. If you have a very old and “tired” motorcycle, I’m almost sure that you will not recognize your vehicle after using this synthetic oil. It will be a new experience.

  • This oil eliminates almost all additional noises. The engine is quiet from the start and till the finish of my route.
  • This oil can increases gas mileage.
  • This price is high, but I still think that this product worth this money.

Mobil 1 120765: guaranteed quality for 1 year almost for free

 Mobil 1 120765
This 10w40 motorcycle oil is a great alternative if you live in a cold-weather state because Mobil 1 120765 provides better protection and helps you to avoid the stress on the starting system of your motorcycle. This oil prevents deposits and sludge build-up to enable the long life of your engine. The viscosity of this oil allows it to lubricate gears significantly better.

  • The price is cheap even despite the fact that this product was manufactured by a well-known company.
  • You should consider synthetic oils if you have a powerful sports motorcycle.

Best mineral motorcycle oils

HONDA 08C35-A141L01: high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer

 HONDA 08C35-A141L01
Honda motorcycle oil is classical mineral oil, which follows the main Honda’s oil standards. Of course, I do not recommend you to use this oil if you have a powerful motorcycle and you really like fast riding. Although if you want to protect your engine and make the life of your motorcycle significantly longer, HONDA 08C35-A141L01 is probably an ideal product for you. This mineral oil will be great for owners of new motorcycles because mineral oils help you to turn your engine on.

  • The price is cheap even despite the fact that this product was manufactured by a well-known company.
  • The engine runs much smoother and quieter with this.
  • You should consider synthetic oils if you have a powerful sports motorcycle.

Best semi-synthetic motorcycle oils

Castrol Actevo X-Tra 4T: perfect protection for a reasonable price

Castrol Actevo X-Tra 4T
This oil is quite unique because it’s semi-synthetic. It’s formulated with heat protection molecules, that’s why it minimizes the formation of harmful high-temperature combustion deposits. In addition, this oil exceeds API SG, JASO MA2.

  • It ensures great protection of your gears even against high temperature.
  • This type of oil is unacceptable for some motorcycles, that’s why you should choose it carefully and read the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Buyers Guide

How to choose the right oil for your motorcycle?

It’s extremely important to choose the best motorcycle oil, which matches your motorcycle needs ideally. If you will not manage to solve this problem, I can guarantee you that you will face serious problems in the near future. So, there are several important factors, which you should take into account to make the right decision and save your motorcycle:
Your riding style
It’s really important to determine your riding style because motorcycle oil varies according to this. For example, if you keen on extreme riding, you should consider synthetic motorcycle oils because hard driving causes higher temperatures than normal driving. Synthetic oil is designed to resist breakdown at hotter temperatures. On the other hand, if you are a calm driver, you can buy mineral oil without any hesitation.
To increase the productivity of your engine, you should take into account the viscosity of your oil. You can find this information in the manual. In addition, do not forget that there are different recommendations for different times of the year.
Please, do not buy the cheapest oil in the market because you will not save your money. You will be forced to spend this saving on repairing. Buy products, which were created by companies, which have already proven their reliability.

How often should you change your motorcycle oil?

Well, everything depends on different factors such as the quality of your oil, your using frequency and so on. The general rule says that you should change motorcycle oil at least once a year. If you use your motorcycle for short rides, it’s recommended to change your oil more often (maybe three times a year).

Advantages of changing motorcycle oil

In most cases, newcomers don’t understand why they should change their oil. The reasons are quite clear:

    • It keeps your engine running smoothly
    • It will extend the life of your engine
    • Regular check-ups

What is the best viscosity for your motorcycle

It is also extremely important to choose oil according to viscosity demands. You should read the manual and figure out everything important about this aspect. In general, the manufacturer usually notifies you about the ideal viscosity of oil for your motorcycle.