Top 3 Liqui Moly Engine Flushes

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Top 3 Liqui Moly Engine Flushes

Product Review: Liqui Moly Engine Flushes

Liqui Moly Engine Flush FAQ

What is an engine flush?

Many drivers have already heard about a radiator flush or a transmission flush. Although an engine flush is not so popular among careful drivers, using it can be very useful to those persons who rarely change their oil on time. Basically, an engine flush is nothing but an aftermarket chemical additive that has a mission to combat accumulated sludge and harmful deposits that appeared on your car’s engine. Its formula is capable of dissolving sludge and dirty deposits that may pose a threat to the engine performance. By the way, this liquid is very easy to use, as you just need to pour it into the engine’s oil-filler port and let the engine idle for a while. In such a way, the engine flush will soon get mixed with the oil to dissolve sludge and deposits.

How much does an engine flush cost?

Obviously, there are different manufacturers having their own recipe for creating their engine flush. Depending on the brand choice and volume, you can find different offerings scattered in a price range of $7 to $30. For example, the famous Liqui Moly engine flush is mainly sold within a price range of $12 to $20. At this point, you just need to figure out what brand you are ready to put trust in and make sure that the chosen substance will fit the needs of your engine. Surely, expensive items tend to provide the strongest effect, though it does not necessarily mean that a cheap engine flush cannot cope with sludge and deposits covering your car’s engine.

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