Top 5 Greenworks Pressure Washers

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Top 5 Greenworks Pressure Washers

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Pressure Washer FAQ

How does a pressure washer work?

It is necessary to point out that there exist two types of pressure washers, which basically differ not with the way they work but rather with the way they are powered. Both electrical powered and gas-fueled engines in this device are intended to produce energy for powering a water pump. This is done in order to help the pump accelerate the water that comes from a garden hose to produce a jet of water. You need to pull the trigger and this device will mix the water from the hose with air to form the jet coming out of the nozzle. Overall, this principle of work is very similar to the technology of a water gun that is used at car washes.

How to start a pressure washer?

This device is normally started with the power button, though if it is kept unused during winter, it often happens that the users cannot start it from the very first time. One of the potential problems can be associated with the spark plug that does not want to start the engine. This can be either caused by the cracked porcelain insulator or damaged electrode. You just need to check out these parts and replace them if necessary. 

Another complication may be caused by the clogged carburetor. In this case, you should try to clean it properly. Otherwise, you will be forced to have this expensive part replaced. The defect of the ignition coil can also prevent your device from getting started, so double-check this part too. Finally, check out the flywheel key if things still do not go well.

How to fix a pressure washer pump?

Initially, check out how much oil is in the oil tank right now. If you see that the oil is mixed with water, remove it from the tank through a siphon and add the oil for pressure washers. Make sure that you add the required amount of oil. Now press the primer a couple of times (can be found on the side of the washer) if you see that the flow is still weak. Disconnect the discharge hose from the pump and release the remaining air. Connect it again and try to restart the pressure washer. If these steps are not helpful at all, you should better go to the specialist.

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