Trickle Charger RAVPower Car Battery Charger 12V

3.5/52 ratings

First, I have to mention that the manufacturer did everything possible to make your charging safer and smarter. It has short circuit protection, over current, and reverse polarity protection.If you don’t understand the importance of these features, read the main article about the main pros and cons of a reliable battery trickle charger. Moreover, it’s really great that this charger is compatible with numerous vehicles (cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc.). However, I didn’t manage to charge the ATV even despite the fact that the manufacturer convinces that these specs are available.

Furthermore, it is not the first review, which I have already written, and it’s always a real problem to understand whether your charger is working, that’s why RAVPower’s engineers added special indicators, which help you figure out the status. There are two indicator lights: green means that the charger is on, the second light is red during charging and green when it’s charged.

RAVPower trickle charger pros and cons:


  • The developers added an extremely powerful 12V 1.5A output, that’s why this charger is able to reload the car battery 2 times faster than a lot of other chargers in this market


  • The connection isn’t as smooth as it could be. It’s difficult to switch between the ring and alligator clips.