Best Smart Battery Charger Reviews

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The car smart charger is an automated device used to power up the complex cycle batteries efficiently, maintaining the multi-stage feeding schedule. It also enhances the powering of other equipment from smartphones to lawn mowers. To make it clear, this device is able to monitor the charging process by itself. The smart charger for car surpasses the regular charger in several ways:

  • variability. The best smart battery charger can power both Li-Ion and lead-acid batteries, ones having the 6V and 12V without harming them and enhancing their operation;
  • battery-friendliness. The best smart battery charger for car battery has numerous sensors for introducing the optimal feeding schedule for a particular battery and switch to the floating mode once it is replenished. This boosts power bank’s effectiveness and prolongs its life significantly;
  • maintaining mode for different temperature. The smart charger for car can work as a maintainer saving it from discharge under low or high temperature. That’s an invaluable option during winter;
  • posts’ purification. The lead-acid batteries tend to grow sulfates that dump the effectiveness of charging. The smart car battery charger brings the piercing high current impulse to break up the sulfate deposits and enable the rapid powerup;
  • automatic control. The best smart charger for car battery switches between modes and power cycles, applies desulfation automatically, grounding on the data of its sensors. These are processed by the capable microprocessor. Powering is performed efficiently without user’s meddling in.


This list of functions of the best smart battery charger can be developed further. The smart chargers differ by the voltage applied, capacity, level of automatization, additional connections, and design. All of these points are critical for both smart and trickle chargers. You can check out our best trickle charger review if needed. Anyway, go down tho check out our smart battery charger reviews.

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Smart Battery Charger Reviews

NOCO Genius GENM2 — Best Smart Battery Charger

This smart 12V battery charger will make a good solution for your battery-powered equipment in extreme conditions. It provides steady and ample powering up for different kind of lead-acid power banks including the gel and AGM ones. The device has multiple sensors enabling its processor to estimate the state of the battery and develop the tailor-cut charging mode. Your battery should go flat or decrease the chemicals’ level, the advanced repairing tech of this smart car battery charger will deal with all the issues bringing the required healing. The charger boasts the advanced safety as it prevents all types of battery damage like incorrect polarity connection, excessive heat, short circuit, overload and so on. It can be left at charging mode without any concern. All the processes are automated, and the charging is performed much faster than the regular trickle charger would deliver.


  • I charged full a deep-cycle AGM battery and a starter one at once.
  • Easy installation and hookup.
  • Solid water- and damage-proof design.


  • The charger might fail to detect a completely empty battery.
  • Poor customer support by the manufacturer.

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 — User-Friendly Smart Car Charger

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128
Reviving the dead power bank or keeping it operational throughout the days is simple as pie due to the completely automatic performance of this smart car battery charger. It carefully picks the needed voltage and seamlessly switches between the charging and floating modes once the battery is full. The temperature sensor is responsive to the weather conditions and keeps the battery alive even within steep temperature shifts. The included alligator clips are well-insulated and easy to use, while the special connect harness is hooked up in no time, providing the access to the most inconveniently stocked batteries. This smart charger conveys the state of its work with the red and green LED indicator. Once the signals flash one after another, the connection must be changed, since that’s the wake-up-call for incorrect polarity issue.


  • Precise battery capacity diagnosis.
  • I charged two car batteries at once using the extension cable (separately bought).
  • Sturdy build and accessories (wire, clips, cord adapter).


  • Issues with connection temporarily dying out; lights being simultaneously on.
  • Might not work with alien-branded wire.

NOCO Genius G3500 — for All Types of Car Power-Keepers

NOCO Genius G3500
This budget smart powering device fits different types of lead-acid power banks including gel, calcium, and wet ones, along with Lithium-Ion batteries. Besides, it can handle and produce various voltage and won’t damage either a standard 12V car battery or a 6V camping lantern one. The charger has enhanced safety design; it won’t let the current through incorrectly placed charging posts and will turn into maintenance mode once the full capacity is reached. Added spark-free protection, it can be left overnight for feeding or maintaining the battery, without safety concerns. This unit can also perform the power bank check and deal with the spotted problems efficiently. Should the battery be flat or getting fed slowly, the lesser or higher voltage is applied for enabling the direct powerful charging, which takes at least two times shorter than with the regular non-smart chargers.


  • Highly sensitive — was able to diagnosis even the completely discharged boat power bank.
  • The modes of operation can be chosen manually.
  • Ergonomic well-insulated clamps.


  • Feeble power cable.
  • The indicator might work unsteady during the low charge.

DBPOWER 600A — Multi-Tool of a Smart Feeding Device

This compact and lightweight smart charger provides steady and safe powering while featuring multiple handy additions. It can boost the car’s 12V battery to enable the start, as well as charge the power bank sufficiently until it is full and operational. The unit will help keep all other smart electronic equipment working since it has two dedicated USB ports and several adapters to fit any connection type. The tablet and smartphone are charged rapidly and safely, as this smart car charger is protected against the current abrupt increase, voltage surge, short circuit breakup, etc. The wire and clamps feel solid and reliable, the clamps do not expose an inch of the metal to the user’s touch. If the clamps be connected incorrectly, the smart car battery charger won’t start feeding while indicating the reverse polarity issue. The silicone flap protects the wire ports from getting muddy or damp. There is an incorporated flashlight and compass to assist the driver in any stranded situation.


  • Easy and comprehensive plug-and-leave setup.
  • Informative LCD screen shows the rest of the charger’s capacity and the operation performed.
  • Auto turn-off mode upon the stand-by period.


  • Quick capacity decrease over time.
  • When working at extreme capacity, the power drop might occur.

Ampeak 2/10/25A — Ensuring Flexible Battery Treatment

Ampeak Smart Battery Charger
This sturdy smart charger for car battery incorporates the six-grade feeding system aiming for the optimal harmless treatment of the power bank. It controls the voltage and current parameters through the whole powering process, bringing the gradual voltage increase and the swift current load. This results in quick replenishing of the battery, upon which the feeding appliance switches automatically to the “keeper” mode. Ampeak battery charger is great for use as a maintainer, as this smart 12V battery charger is secured against voltage and current burst, short circuit damage. It constantly evaluates the battery state preventing it from overpowering. The built-in fan works a bit noisy while eliminating the excessive heat. So do the ventilation slots enabling the heat discharge. This ampeak smart charger can work in different modes as a jump starter (at 2 Amps), fast charger (10 Amps), and full charge (25 Amps).


  • Interactive LED display reflecting the capacity, type of operation, voltage; with incorporated manual guidance.
  • Smart Start Assistance button for the engine turn-on at the low battery capacity.
  • Battery healing mode allows reconditioning old batteries up to their full potential.


  • Does not detect an empty power bank.
  • The clamps are too small for a confident grip.

CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300 — Power Feeder for Winter-Bound Operation

The low temperature is not an issue with this safely wrapped up smart car battery charger. Non-yielding to water, it doesn’t fear dust as well due to solid build and protected connections. Along with the standard fitters, it features the handy eyelet terminals for the fast connection. This device performs a thorough battery check to spot the operational problems, before starting to power. The feeding is divided into 4 stages, the appliance adjusting the current and voltage to deliver the mild treatment to the battery. It does a great desulfation job for the time-weathered lead-acid power banks, enabling the immediate feeding right after the initial diagnostics. The polarity adjustment is not an issue; the device is also secure against short circuit and spark occurrence. The incorrect polarity is signaled by the red light on, without powering being started.


  • Complete automatic processing of both charging and battery healing treatment.
  • Can be connected to battery full-time due to car electronics’ compatibility.
  • Three working modes from low current to winter mode.


  • Unreliable plastic alligator holders.
  • Short cable of the eyelet terminals.

Green Extreme 2 Pack NP-FV70 — Smart Power Appliance

Green Extreme 2 Pack NP-FV70
This smart power unit is designed for feeding the Lithium-ion batteries of the Sony NP-FV70 camera banks. However, its unique technological build allows exchanging plates and feeding the batteries of other types as well. The flexible system recognizes the voltage of the power bank and adjusts the process accordingly. Feeding is performed within the programmed parameters, ensuring the quick replenishing and careful treatment of the battery.

The unit displays the percentage of the volume charged and capacity left to replenish on the LCD screen. The data is visualized both in digits and via the battery pictogram.

The power input is all-fitting universal type compatible with both AC and DC outlets of a different kind.


  • Fast and easy installment and secure hold.
  • The display backlight is unobtrusive yet clear; provides good angle view.
  • Nice ergonomic design and solid build.


  • The inside wire fold storage is unhandy.
  • When replacing the battery plate, the display might show the charging incorrectly.

BMK 12V 5A — Full Battery Protection and User’s Safety

BMK 12V 5A
The smart 12V battery charger manages different types of lead-acid power banks, ensuring the prominent battery capacity and the most reliable performance. The device has 4-steps feeding scheme starting with desulfation and completed by the maintenance mode. The unit can apply mode in different weather conditions, due to the sturdy build of the main body, wire, and connections. It has several protection modes. The smart charger for car does not allow the power bank to get too much load or go dead, provides for its operation under any temperature, secures it from the exceeding voltage and current, prevents short circuits and incorrect clamps’ placement. The accessories’ set includes rings and alligator clips that are easily removed and installed. The unit is user-friendly, just plug-n-go due to the solid easy-fitting connections.


  • It revives the battery even at the near-bottom level.
  • Accurate voltage and current handling at the specified feeding stages.
  • Fully insulated clamps.


  • The unit gets warm upon heavy-duty charging.
  • The light indicators of the feeding level do not reveal precise information.

Buying Guide

Smart Feeding Device vs Regular Charger — Defining the Difference

The “mission” of the battery charger includes two tasks:

  • discharge prevention
  • preserving the capacity

The regular chargers don’t present unified decision for these issues. The trickle chargers fill in the battery at the constant high amperage, while maintainers provide the regular weak impulse to preserve the battery operational.

The best smart battery charger can do it all without any issues, and the process which is divided into stages. Instead of buying and installing two devices, you can take one and enjoy the boosted performance of your car battery.

While using the common power feeders, the specifications must match those of the power bank. The charger’s work must be controlled to avoid excessive charge. A smart feeding appliance estimates the power bank needs and adjusts its performance accordingly. It also has overcharge protection.

Intelligent Battery Charger — Principle of Work

The smart powering units are often called the three-stage power feeding devices. Sometimes, the desulfation precedes this cycle. It includes breaking apart the sulfate at the battery contacts and thus letting the current coming through.

Before powering, the smart auto charger performs the battery control. The microprocessor works out the sensors data regarding voltage and amperage. Basis this, the specific feeding mode is switched on.

Smart charging features at least three basic stages:

  1. The bulk period. At this level, the intelligent appliance emits high Amps, increasing the voltage gradually from low to middle. This is the fastest mode, during which the battery is filled within a few hours.
  2. Absorption stage. At this level, the charger suspends the voltage at its high level, while setting the amperage to decrease. This usually stops at 95% capacity of the power bank.
  3. Floating stage. The voltage is preserved high, while the amperage goes between zero and minimal number. There is almost no current since the battery is not replenished anymore but maintained operational.

Benefits of Smart Charger

The intelligent feeding appliance makes driver’s life easier enabling longer operation of the battery and the issue-free engine start. The main benefits relate to the following parameters:

    • battery-wise. Battery smart chargers detect the battery state selecting the operation required (desulfation, feeding, or maintenance). This is particularly important for small power banks like the ones that bike has;
    • desulfation. The unit purifies the battery from fresh and stale sulfate by sending out high-frequency voltage shots (with increased amperage level) that eliminates the “scaling”.
      overcharge protection. The appliance constantly monitors the feeding process not allowing the amps to climb too high;
    • self-sufficient operation. Most of the smart powering devices are safe to leave connected while maintaining the best operational mode for any type of the power bank.