Top 5 Toyota Wiper Blades Comparison

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Top 5 Toyota Wiper Blades Comparison

Toyota ‘How to’ – Change a Wiper Blade

Toyota Wiper Blade FAQ

What is a beam wiper blade?

Beam wiper blades represent the upgraded version of the conventional wipers. They have the same fixation system and geometry of motion along the windshield. However, they are considered a step ahead in the car wiper technology, and that is why:

Tight to the windshield. The conventional blades share a limited number of contact points (normally 8) with the screen, while beam ones have multiple points sticking to the glass throughout their length.
Wind protection. The beam blades feature a spoiler in their construction transforming the wind power into the pressure power.
Curved design. The windshield comes through its evolution to the more curved shapes. The beam blades repeat the curves to ensure total contact with the glass. 
Quiet operation. Beam wipers feature a specific polymer letting them glide along without screeching.

How to change a wiper blade?

Wiper blades have different construction; yet, the general replacing scheme is pretty much the same for Toyota wiper blade and Renault one, for example. These are the simple steps to go:

1. Take the blade in your hands and put it perpendicular to the holder arm. At the fixation mechanism, there’s a release trigger (some wipers don’t have it, so you just skip pressing it).
2. Press the trigger and pull the wiper downwards. Don’t pluck too hard but firmly pull. 
3. Return the wiper into the parallel position and remove it completely (it should slide away easily now).
4. Do the process in reverse for installing a new wiper blade. Put it parallel and insert into the holder, turn perpendicular, and pull up. The lock should make a click showing it’s there. Test the wipers running them on a good speed across the windshield with some water or cleansing essence on.

What size windshield wiper blade do I need?

Wiper blades aren’t identical because car windshields differ from each other. Some are wider, others are taller. The geometry of wipers motion along the windshield isn’t the same either. Some move in parallel, some not. Besides, for some cars, one wiper can be longer than another.

Taking the incorrect wiper size might result in worse operation. The blades might hit each other or a windshield rim, not stick appropriately or leave important spots on the glass untreated.

To find a correct wiper size for your car, consult your vehicle manual or simply check the online charts widely available.

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