Top 5 Toyota Tacoma Headlights

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Top 5 Toyota Tacoma Headlights

Toyota Tacoma Morimoto XB LED Headlight Overview

Toyota Tacoma Headlight FAQ

How to change headlights?

The burned-out bulb is the most frequent cause of the failure of the Toyota Tacoma headlight. Sometimes, the headlights still work but seem dim. In both cases, it’s necessary to replace the bulb. To that end, take a basic set of sockets and a flat head screwdriver.

– Remove taps and screws to take off the front grille.
– Remove the screws that hold the headlight.
– Take off the headlight.
– Twist the turn signal bulb and pull it out.
– Put it back in the headlight and line up on the socket three small tabs there.
– Twist the bulb back into place.

Don’t touch the glass of the bulb with fingers to avoid glass corrosion and further problems with the light that might not last long. That’s why it’s better to work in gloves.

How to clean headlights with vinegar?

Using vinegar for headlights’ cleaning will make them look perfect. However, if oxidation is present, it will remove only its top layer.

So, to start cleaning, it’s necessary to make a solution – to mix water with vinegar in the ratio of 3:1. It’s possible to put the mixture in the spray bottle or use a simple piece of cloth. Then, wet the headlight’s surface with the liquid and let it drain to get rid of a portion of dirt. Wipe down the surface in a circular pattern to avoid streaks. Do it with a clean microfiber cloth to remove all types of grime and scrub the headlight a little if necessary.

Note that if the surface is very muddy or cloudy, it’s possible to mix vinegar with baking soda in the ratio of 2:1. In this case, it’s necessary to rinse the solution with clean water. Then, let the headlight dry and check it for the rest of the soda.

How to tint headlights?

To smoke highlights easily, use a vinyl overlay. First, make sure the headlight is clean before applying the vinyl. Then, place the material onto the surface of the headlight. Use the squeegee to push the vinyl and spread it evenly across the surface – without wrinkles and blobs. Stretch and tuck in the overlay with a heat gun. The final step of tinting is to trim the edges with the blade.

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