Top 3 Toyota Tacoma Bed Racks

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Top 3 Toyota Tacoma Bed Racks

RCI Bed Rack for 2016-2019 Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack FAQ

How to choose the best bed rack for your truck?

If you really want to purchase a rooftop tent, you should pay attention to its type, the number of people for whom the unit will be used, and the kind of bad rack, which accommodates your lifestyle. In order to understand whether the tent is useful for your car, you need to refer to its technical characteristics. Indeed, if you incorrectly determine the permissible load (usually, it is 30-40% of the allowable), the consequences can cost you a pretty penny.

The suitable overland bed rack choosing isn’t an easy process, so you should pay heed to the following specific moments.

Determine its height. Correctly chosen bed rack should be mounted only over the head, otherwise, the person has to bend down head all the time when he or she enters the tent. Created annex room is a good sanctuary for bad weather conditions, so it’s also recommended not to mount it high, as a serious fuel consumption can appear (additional MPG loss is possible due to the inappropriate space warming up). If you want to retrench, the tent should be fastened not above the vehicle cab height.
Choose the required tent size. For instance, popular Toyota Tacoma bed rack is available for 5.5 and 6.5” beds, it’s powder coated, and is made from 1/8” steel. The 60” universal bed rack can be used for many other cars, which covers almost all the vehicle, without leaving the unsupported overhangs.

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