Top 5 Nissan Titan Lift Kits

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Top 5 Nissan Titan Lift Kits

2004 – 2015 Nissan Titan Front Leveling Kit Installation

Nissan Titan Lift Kit FAQ

How much does a lift kit cost?

The lift kit is an important element for off-roads, SUVs, and trucks. This part must sustain considerable loads when driving on difficult roads. That’s why it can’t be cheap.

However, the range of prices for these parts is quite wide. It depends on a car model (the one for the Chery J1 would cost significantly less than the Nissan Titan lift kit) and the type of lift kit that has been chosen. Besides, considering the cost of lifting your car, you should include the installation expenses as well.

The lift kit average cost with regard to the type of lifting makes:
– body kits — about $120 – $200;
– suspension kits — about $ 800 – $3000.

How to install a lift kit?

To perform a suspension lift of the truck or SUV, take the following steps:

1. Loosen the wheel nuts, lift a car and take off the wheels.
2. Release the shocks, U-shaped bolts, and spring parts of the front axis. For old cars, this might be challenging and need a hammer to be used.
3. Assemble the new spring if needed. Otherwise, install an enhanced spring from the kit into its place.
4. Install the U-bolts upright and adjust everything.
5. Bring together new shocks and insert them into place.
6. Tighten all the bolts and nuts securely.
7. Lower the car and check if everything is in order.
8. Do the steps 1-7 for the rear suspension.

How to lift a truck without a lift kit?

Adding another 2-3 inches to a truck’s height is possible without using the suspension lift. There are three ways to do that:

Body lift. It increases by 3 inches in height and isn’t expensive. You need to take off all the cover (bumper, fenders) and remove the wiring cautiously, unplugging the sensors and other equipment coming in the way. Unbolt the body from the frame, lift the latter, and install the spacers. Fix everything back.
Introducing torsion keys. You can raise the truck up to 1.5 inches replacing the factory keys with the aftermarket one. The torsion bar tool is needed for this.
Installing air shocks. You don’t have to take off the suspension completely to get a 2-inch higher truck. Replace the stock shocks with the air ones, align them properly, and fix the airlines along the bottom. Fill the shocks with the air and you’re set to go.

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