Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Side Steps

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Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Side Steps

Jeep Wrangler Nerf Step Installation – Rough Country

Jeep Wrangler Side Steps FAQ

What is a nerf bar?

A nerf bar is a device used to protect a racecar from collisions on the road. It is applied to the vehicle’s side and stops tires from getting entangled. The need for the nerf bar takes place when a driver speeds up quickly and risks losing control over the vehicle. The nerf bar helps minimize bumping and prevent damage.

Other common applications of the nerf bard refer to the situations where a car is going over rough and rocky ground. In that case, the purpose of the nerf bar is to act like a bull bar that safeguards an off-road vehicle. The nerf bar can be fitted to both the frame and the body depending on the situation.

How to replace a step pad on the nerf bar?

The first step is to remove the old step pad. You should take two flat-tip screwdrivers and use them to create a lever for detaching the step pad from its place on the nerf bar. After detaching the edge of the step pad, make sure to put the flathead of one of your screwdrivers between the step pad and the point where it sticks to the nerf bar to give enough space for the second one to be used as a lever in a more effective way. Then proceed to the opposite end and detach the pad gradually until it can be easily removed. Then put the clips on each hole and use a hammer to attach the new step pad to the nerf bar.

What size of the nerf bar is fit for my truck?

There are two basic ways to define the size of your truck nerf bar.

You can measure the length of your cab because the length of the nerf bard is supposed to equal it. The beginning of the nerf bard coincides with the front wheel ends, whereas the end of the nerf bard coincides with the rear wheel.

Next, you should measure the width or diameter. Here, it is always individual and depends on your vehicle’s model year. The diameter of nerf bars commonly varies between 2 and 6 inches, so yours should fall within this range as well.

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