What is a Generator Used for in an RV – Beginner’s Guide

What is a Generator Used for in an RV – Beginner’s Guide

Picking the best camping generator for your own RV is quite a challenge. But my simple advice will turn the whole camping preparation really easy and fun. If you do not know much about organizing a getaway in nature of what is generator used for in RV let me give you a brief explanation.

Not all campsites have dedicated power units that can provide all dwellers with enough power. Another thing is that the voltage source you have in your motorhome will most likely be insufficient especially if you have bought a pre-owned vehicle.

Picking an Auxiliary Power Source

The most efficient is a propane powerhouse. It does not smell as badly thus won’t bother your friends, family, and other campers around you as much. Although these do tend to be relatively weak comparing to gasoline or diesel ones. If your voltage needs are humble and you will be happy with a small external power source definitely go for the propane one.

The diesel voltage generators are powerful and efficient. Diesel tends to be pretty affordable allowing you to save money on refueling it. Not that environmentally friendly though. Plus the exhaust smell is not that pleasant. The fumes are no good for your health either. Although giving diesel force sources credit, they have become pretty clean lately.

Gasoline voltage units also make great generators for RV usage. But it can be a gas guzzler to run one on a regular basis. These units tend to consume a lot of fuel. Plus you always have to flush down the leftovers. Otherwise, the whole thing can get clogged and the engine in the powerhouse can get ruined. On the positive side, petrol is widely available and relatively affordable.


Always make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to provide for the voltage unit. Also, remember to make sure you still have enough just to make it back home.

When picking the best force unit to remember to make proper calculations on how much power you need. For this, you have to look through the amount of the power that your gadgets consume. Compare it to the amount of voltage your force unit produces.

Generators for RV campers come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. No matter if your camping van runs on petrol or diesel, there are plenty of affordable options for you. But don’t forget to check if the generator offers energy and then decide on whether you do need to bring in your own powerhouse or not.