Tips on Preventing Battery Terminal Corrosion

Tips on Preventing Battery Terminal Corrosion

Battery terminal corrosion is the most widespread reason of the early battery disruption. If the battery is broken, it can build up acid corrosive powder on the terminals of the battery. Usually, this powder is painted in yellow, white, or green color. However, sometimes, it can be a mix of all three colors that are mentioned above. As the result, it will stand in the way of the electrical connection that is indispensable for the starter. In case, if this problem happens, the battery won’t be able to discharge whenever required. So that’s why the battery corrosion prevention is very important.

#1 Petroleum Jelly
One of the affordable method for battery terminal corrosion prevention is a spoon of petroleum jelly. Just apply a spoon with the jelly to the positive and negative posts of the battery. After that, it’s obligatory to take the battery cables away from the posts, a wrench will come in handy. Wear latex gloves and anoint the petroleum jelly on the terminals. By completing this operation, first, install positive or red cable, then negative or black one goes. So you are ready to connect the battery.

#2 Anti-Corrosion Washers
Actually, these anti-corrosion washers are felt pads that, in their composition, have special formula to prevent corrosion attack. Take the cables off, put on anti-corrosion washers, and connect the battery as it was explained above.

#3 Dielectric Grease
A small amount of this grease will beat the corrosion attack as well. Once again, detach the cables of the battery and cover each terminal with the dielectric grease.

#4 AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Metal Protector
Another anti corrosion solution is the AMSOIL. This oil creates a covering that intents to protect the battery terminals against the corrosion. Besides, the AMSOIL can be used as a car undercoating that is able to cope with the rust.

#5 Prevent the Problem Before It Occurs
Whatever the tip you would like to use, it’s more cheaper and effective to monitor the state of the battery terminals on a regular basis. From time to time, pop the hood and thoroughly clean each battery terminal. Make this cleaning despite the state of the batteries. They can look dodged-up, but you have to be sure that they won’t mess up one day.

Procedures of Corrosion Cleaning

So, is it possible to clean the batteries if the corrosion appeared? Yes, you can erase it manually. Take two teaspoons of baking soda and two glasses of water. Mingle them together. Turn the battery off, separate the cables, and take them away. After that, pour the substance onto the terminals. This procedure can help because soda neutralizes acid deposits. Leave the terminals this way until you see that the corrosion is detaching. Wipe the terminal with the towel. Connect the battery and start the engine.

Thus, all these methods will teach you how to prevent battery corrosion.