How To Get Sap Off Windshield in Few Simple Ways

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Thinking about how to remove sap from windshield? So you probably like to choose parking spaces under the shade of a tree. We all know that it’s better not to do this even on a hot day because going to a car wash every time just because of the sap stains on the windshield can be quite expensive. The point is that the tree sap seriously spoils car’s cover. Based on sap’s chemical composition, it is extremely difficult to wash it off the vehicle. That’s why we picked three simple methods to get rid of this problem.

#1 Soap and hot water

Wash the car instantly. If the sap on windshield stays for a long time, it will be harder to remove it. Rinse your car with clean water. So that you will clean the dirt and will be able to see spots that need special attention. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth soaked in hot soapy water. Use the water at high temperature since the adhesion force of the sap weakens by the action of hot water.

Dry and wax the car surface immediately after getting sap of your windshield, as you probably washed off the wax that protected the surface of the car along with sap.

So, before you try to get sap off windshield with special methods, clean your car with very hot water first. You may not even need anything else.

#2 Sap Removal Tools

If the sap has dried on your windshield, wash it with soap and hot water: this may help with further removal. However, special solvents will work better since their chemical formula is designed to remove tree sap and doesn’t damage the surface.

Moisten a clean cloth in a small amount of solvent. Then put it on the problem spot of the windshield, then gently press and hold it in this position for several minutes. Subsequently, the connection between the viscous substance and the problem area will weaken. Then just rub it in a circular motion. Clean the car and rub it with wax – it will help remove residual sap and used solvent.

#3 Domestic Remedies

Using domestic remedies also can help remove the sap. You may already have a lot of tools in your garage that are able to clean up the tree sap.

Synthetic clay is able to help. This material is similar in consistency to plasticine. Working with the surface of the car, the clay absorbs contaminants, leaving the surface perfectly smooth. Just rub a problem area with a piece of clay and that is all.

You can also use a water displacement. Spray the WD-40 on the surface contaminated with sap and leave it for a few minutes. Then you can use a rag to scrape off the weakened layer of sap from the car.

As you see it’s not always necessary to go to the car wash just to remove sap from windshield.