How Often Should I Run My RV Generator?

How Often Should I Run My RV Generator?

The basis of any generator is the engine. The efficiency and functionality of the generator depend on its proper operation. This is especially true for owners of RVs since in their case the comfort of living directly depends on the generator. Manufacturers advise not to let the generator stand for a long time without work, as this can be harmful to the engine.

Engine parts must be regularly set in motion that the oil between them does not become thick and stagnant. If the idle time is too long, the parts of the generator stick together, and at the start can damage each other. Sometimes the engine after long inactivity may not start at all. Such a nuisance can happen both a cheap and expensive the best RV generator. So many trailer owners ask the question – how often should I run my RV generator?

How to Protect the Generator from Breakdowns?

In addition to regular technical maintenance, the generator needs regular launches. How often should I run my trailer generator to keep it safe? Manufacturers recommend running the device at least once every three months for at least 20 minutes. However, the users warm up the engine more often – about once a month and for a half of hour. It is important to force the engine to work at least 50% of its power or more. Such load will keep the mechanism in good condition, prolong its service life, and help avoid breakdowns in the future. If you use the RV generator only for the holidays, such regular engine launches are especially important. It would be optimal to find such a use of the device so that it would work often or periodically with small intervals. For example, it can charge your batteries or something like that.

Benefits of Regular Generator Launches

During periodic operation, the engine does not need additional inspections and unscheduled oil change. It starts working immediately after launch, without any problems and snares. Also, the constant frequent operation of the engine helps save gasoline. How is this possible? The fact is that long-standing gasoline deteriorates and does more harm than good. It can cause engine failure at any time. If the RV generator usage frequency is at least once every three months, the gas does not stagnate and therefore does not cause any negative consequences.

In addition, the frequent operation of the generator can prevent sudden damage because of impurity. Long story short, when generator works, the self-cleaning of the engine happens since dirt and rubbish do not stick to its parts, being washed away by constantly circulating oil.