How Long to Trickle Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

How Long to Trickle Charge a Motorcycle Battery?

Like any battery, motorcycle batteries can be totally drained after some time, especially when riding the bike occasionally. Besides, motorbikes require charging and maintaining during the cold months.

That is when a motorcycle battery charger will come in handy.They are best at preventing battery failure because a small motorcycle battery can hardly be revived. Besides, keeping the battery charged at a healthy level helps escape problems and possible damages to the motorbike’s engine.

Motorcycle Battery Specs

Motorcycle usually comes with the lead/acid flooded cell battery – some individual sells inside a single container. Each of those sells is developing between 2.12 and 2.2 direct current volts. Such batteries can be charged in a conventional way. However, with regard to lithium-based modifications, they need special motorcycle trickle chargers.

How Long to Charge a Motorcycle Battery

How long does a trickle charger take to charge a motorcycle battery? – One should consider the period from 12 to 20 hours. Figures that are more accurate depending on the battery and charger type and quality. The other determinants:

  • battery capacity
  • charger output current
  • battery’s efficiency at accepting a charge
  • battery’s self-discharge rate

The degree of discharge of the battery is also crucial. If it lost 50% of its power, it could take three or even more months to solve the issue.

Is it Possible to Maintain the Process?

A smart motorcycle charger is an advanced unit that allows charging fast and safely to save time to avoid battery destruction. They’re capable of refreshing the battery intelligently and excluding overcharging. Moreover, they’re developed to stay within the limitations of the battery capacity.

Such devices can be left for some period of time without having to constantly check it. If comparing them with a general motorcycle charger, the latter one needs up to 24 hours to charge. Besides, they require to be checked several times to watch the voltage and see when the process is completed.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Battery Trickle Charger

The motorbike’s batteries feature different power. The majority of them have 12V batteries, but they may have varying amp ratings. Pick the charger with the same power rating that the battery has. The best models should have the following advantages:

  • water-resistant properties
  • temperature sensors to use them in different weather conditions
  • several-stage automatic charging programs
  • protection against reverse polarity and short-circuit problems
  • microprocessor to manage constant control over the charging process

It would be preferable to use a trickle charger developed exclusively for motorcycle batteries, but it’s possible to choose a versatile device in case of its high quality.