How does an RV Generator Work?

How does an RV Generator Work?

The RV generators are used to deal with two things. The first one is to play the role of RV house battery bank charger. Second – to serve as the direct 120V AC power source supplying with energy various home devices. Among them are microwave, hairdryer, toaster, roof A/C, and so on. Each person has own requirements for the best RV generator and “devices need for comfort” list. And each item from such a list has its own amperage, so choose a generator power according to it.

The direct power source option is more preferable as a constant charge of the house battery bank. The last one is not very efficient and delivers a quite low amount of amperage. Also, the RV generator as a charger will have to run for a long time, consuming more fuel. With a lack of a regulator, the risk of batteries overcharging might appear.

As for the power of your generator, choose the option that will cover your needs in power by 20-30% more. For example, if you need 2500W power, then take the option with 3000W and more.

How Does Trailer Generator Work?

There are three types of generators, and the basic principles of their operation are described below.

  • Diesel
  • If your RV runs on diesel, then choosing a generator with the same kind of fuel is the most logical decision. Diesel is a great fuel source. Much powerful than propane and cleaner than gas. There is no risk of explosion and complete safeness of long-time storage. However, they are very loud and heavyweight. Sometimes this moment can be critical, so it’s up to you to choose such a generator or not.

  • Liquid Propane or just LP
  • If you are an eco-friendly person then this is your choice! There is no generator with more clean emissions. Still, this is a bad choice for full-timers and extended trips usage. Operation capabilities are strictly limited by LP tanks. When they go empty your luck is over. So, try not to be in the middle of nowhere when this happens to you. Power output is also quite weak. The LP generator, of course, is more pleasant to the environment, but you, in turn, get a weak A/C or dim overhead lights.

  • Gas
  • Even the smallest American Nowheresville has its own gas station. Due to this, the gas generator is a good choice. If it becomes broken and you do not know how does an RV generator work, you can easily find a specialist who can fix it. This is the main bonuses of the gas generator. But where diesel burns slowly, gas strikes at full force! The force of the explosion from one spark will be great too. Gasoline is extremely flammable so strictly follow the safety instructions. In addition, gas has a quite short life span, so if between your RV adventures are large gaps you need to replace the fuel in your generator.

    Important Safety Tips

    No matter what RV generator working principle you choose, it gives off carbon monoxide. Do not be lazy to check once again that the exhaust system is in working well enough. If there is a need for repairs, do not run your generator! If your generator is portable, make sure the exhaust system does not face the direction of your RV. None of the poisonous gas may enter into the RV’s confined spaces, as this is dangerous to health and life. And finally, never use the generator while you sleep at night!