Do You Need a Generator for a Travel Trailer – Shopping Made Easy

Do You Need a Generator for a Travel Trailer – Shopping Made Easy

Picking the best travel trailer generator might be vital for your trip. Provide your family and self with enough energy for a comfortable stay. Plus save a fortune, read on to learn how to make the most of your trip.


If you compare RVs aka recreation vehicles aka motorhomes and travel trailers you will see that the latter is a great affordable alternative. First of all buying, a motorhome is extremely expensive, the brand new ones start with 50k dollars.

I had to concentrate on the powerhouses built for travel mobile homes as those mostly come without ones. If you only have experience with using an RV than you most likely won’t get it. The doublewides tend to come without additional power sources.

In order to have a good time on your travel doublewide, you have to buy a generator. Especially if you go dry camping at a secluded location. If you like boondocking to save some money you will also have to make sure that you have an energy source.


You might of course argue and say that most of the campsites do offer energy sources for their visitors. But you have to remember that:

  • They will charge you extra for it.
  • You will want to be as efficient as you can be and it is not very convenient.

So having a proper generator for a travel trailer is a must. So this duo will together be way more affordable and reasonable than a single motorhome.

There are some travel trailers with generators out there. But trust me picking a separate one will save you a load of cash.

How to pick a good power-supply unit

First of all, remember to look for quiet travel trailer generators. Check out how much noise your powerhouse produces. Make sure the operational noise won’t disturb your family.

The amount of power can be anything from 5000 Watts for mobile homes with conditioners to only 2200 Watts for those with fewer power requirements. Check all the electric appliances you need for the trip. Calculate the amount of power you need and buy a suitable powerhouse.

Make sure to think about where to place the power supply unit. Also, make sure that your travel trailer can handle the additional weight. Most of the doublewides do not offer a specific spot for a power source so you will have to think it through by yourself.