Can You Charge RV Battery While It Is Connected?

Can You Charge RV Battery While It Is Connected?

Sometimes, happens that drivers refuse to remove the terminals and want to charge the battery when it is powered by the vehicle’s onboard system. The question is very relevant since the market today is filled with a variety of charging devices, and, many of them can show up to 18 Volts – constantly or in a form of short pulses, which is equally dangerous for a car. Let’s look upon the risks of charging RV battery when it’s connected.

To eliminate malfunctions every time a car is de-energized for charging a battery, you should use the best RV generators. Batteries mostly behave unpredictably when de-energized, so it is rather difficult to predict consequences at the first complete turning off of it.

When the battery is disconnected from the vehicle’s onboard system, the following may occur:

  • Resetting the onboard climate control in the car;
  • Reset RAM;
  • Lock “native” or third-party speaker system, with the need for its complete reconfiguration.

Make sure that the exposed wires of the charger are not into contact with a car and other surfaces. A car should be in a dry, enclosed space, where the temperature should not be very low.

Some manufacturers of battery chargers install special overvoltage protection systems. Due to their use, in the event of charging problems, the maximum charging voltage will not exceed that stated by the manufacturer (or set by a user). Charging RV batteries without removing the terminals with the help of generators is completely safe, opposite to using no-name equipment or self-made charging. Think twice – would it not be easier to re-tune the car’s electronic devices to protect the onboard system from overvoltage and possible failure equipment.

Recommendations for RV battery charging without removal of terminals

Charging RV battery while it is connected cannot be called simple as it’s a complex process that needs to be controlled by a person. Use high-quality equipment to avoid many problems, and your battery will serve you for a long time.

  • On all the electrical equipment connected to the network, one must activate sleep mode or turn it off completely. This must be done either in the process of preparation or in the while charging your battery.
  • When you turn off the opposite – the first thing removed is the negative terminal.
  • Make sure that the exposed wires of the charger do not come into contact with the car body and other surfaces that may be “mass”.
  • The battery should be charged in a well-ventilated area while controlling the charging process.

It should be noted that all actions when charging the battery should be aimed at preventing extreme voltage failure. It is also necessary to ensure strong contact of the battery with the terminals. It is possible to chargе the battery without removing the terminals if you follow the rules of safety.