Can I Fill a Generator While It’s Running

Can I Fill a Generator While It’s Running

A portable power station or gasoline power plant is a reasonable and relatively economical solution. Especially, when the load on the main source of the power supply is either great, or this source is absent at all. In this case, people tend to put an eye on the best generator for camping trailer as far as camping without electricity is something out of date.

Portable power plants are a source of increased danger. Therefore, check out the generator safety tips when working with them. Accordance with the rules of operation not only protects people working with the gas generator but also allows you to extend the life of the device itself.

Is it safe to refuel a generator while running?

When the power plant is turned on, the engine emits exhaust gases, it is crucial to understand that they are harmful to health, and at high concentrations in the air they are dangerous to human life.

Therefore, the gas power plant must be operated outdoors. If you plan to operate it indoors, then ensure adequate ventilation and safe exhaust gas removal. It is essential for the generator maintenance to understand that when there is a shortage of air, the engine of the gas power plant will overheat, and if the exhaust gases are not properly realized, the power will decrease, and the lifespan of the engine will decrease.

It is also important to remember that fuel — in this case, gasoline — is flammable!

Before each start of the power plant be sure of the tightness of the fuel system and a petrol tank. Refuel only when the engine is off while letting it cool for 5-10 minutes.

Eliminate the spilling of gasoline on the fuel tank when refueling, for this, use a convenient watering can and a small canister up to 10 liters. Canister for refueling scooters is a great choice.

The weak point of the fuel system of the gas power plant is a fuel valve. It is made of a silumin alloy, so it is fragile enough.

Do not tilt the generator because fuel may leak through the bypass valve.

Do not refuel the gas tank “to the eye-catching order” as the fuel tank heats up when the engine is running, respectively, the gasoline expands and may begin to flow through the bypass valve.

Store fuel properly and safely! Use only specially designed containers for this; do not leave them in the sun.