Can a Bad Starter Drain Your Battery?

Can a Bad Starter Drain Your Battery?

What is a starter and why is it used in a car? In cars for rotation of wheel axles, the energy of combustion of a gasoline mixture, which is needed for a complete start of the engine, is used, this requires the first push, which will start all the cylinders in motion, with all these tasks involved with such a car component as a starter.

The construction of the starter

Many motorists who are interested in the internal structure of the car are interested in the question of what the starter is, how it functions and what parts it contains. The construction of the starter cannot be called complicated, rather, we can say that it is typical for a DC motor, it consists of the following components:

  • An electric motor, which is located in a special cylindrical body, in which there are excitation windings and a rotating core;
  • Ankle made of alloyed steel, made in the form of an axis of rotation, which contains a pressed core;
  • A special relay, the main purpose of which is to provide power from the ignition lock and to push the over-coupling;
  • The clutch and actuator gear needed to transfer the torque to the flywheel chassis and to further untangle the gear itself;
  • Contact brushes and brush holders, the main purpose of which is the supply of anchor and collector.

The principle of the starter is quite simple, it is used to launch the automobile engine, the whole process of its operation lasts for several seconds and consists of 3 main stages. The first stage performs the action gear of the drive, which comes into contact with the wings of the flywheel on the crankshaft, after which the starter starts directly, after the start, the gear contact with the flywheel is completed. Turning the ignition key driver closes the contacts, the current from the battery comes first to the lock after the lock enters the traction relay. As soon as the relay starts up and starts its work on retraction of the gear in the traction with the flywheel on the crankshaft, firm contact with the gear ring is established, after the completion of these processes, the complete electrical circuit of the engine is completely closed. In the end, he starts to rotate, thus spreading the crankshaft.

The turns of the gasoline engine are increased, their frequency becomes much greater than the speed of the starter, resulting in a divorce gear with the flywheel of the crankshaft. All functions and all starter work on this are completed and it is disabled.

After performing all of the above functions, the starter does not function in the car engine until the next engine start.

Many car owners have a question: do you have a bad starter drain your battery? The answer is quite simple: the starter does not carry any negative effect on the battery. In the event that the starter has a damaged switch, it only means that it will not work at maximum power when the starter does not function at its full power, which means that you will have to rotate the engine longer, it will use more power from the battery for full operation. When leakage of coolant on the starter, the startup of the starter makes it impossible to short circuit. The appearance of the starter does not in any way determine its internal state. In the case when the car does not start, a possible variant of a malfunction of the battery is possible. If the starter performs its functions to start the engine, then the problem is most likely in the battery itself (discharged or defective).