Buffing Cars – The Ultimate Guide for Drivers

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Whether one gets how to buff a luxury car or a family vehicle, everybody wants to keep it in the best shape or upscale its overall appearance. Buffing cars is the basic work to restore the car’s paint that is beyond the capacity of any driver. It helps eliminate the smallest defects of the car’s coating and make the vehicle unaffected by atmospheric influences. Let’s see how to buff a car without applying to a car service.

How to Buff a Car with a Buffer – Easy Steps

To make the aesthetic improvement of the car, protective polishing is recommended. To remove scratches and other issues, the abrasive method that means using a car buffer is required. The following tips let everyone know how to buff a car with a buffer.

First, take a sander, a polisher, and a buffer. To remove scratches, the firm buffer would be more suitable. Besides, it is recommended to add gloss soft and semi-soft ones. Then, take a high-quality car wax.

Clean the vehicle’s body to get rid of pollution and let it dry. Degrease the surface. Use the sander to grind a car to eliminate defects and small damages.

  • Clean a car once again to remove the grinded material.
  • Take a polisher and buffers to make a vehicle shine. Its speed cannot be more than 2,500 RPM to avoid the car body’s overheating. When buying the polisher, choose the unit with the high fluidity of the speed adjustment.
  • Rub some car wax on the small part of the body.
  • Install the firm buffer on the polisher but don’t switch it on to muddle wax first.
  • Turn the polisher on using it at low speeds. Move the buffer horizontally and vertically alternately to evenly distribute wax on the surface while increasing speed gradually.
  • Remove the excess wax before starting the other part of the car body.
  • Rub the thin layer of wax with the aid of a cotton piece of fabric and wait to let it dry it out a little.
  • Install the soft buffer on the polisher and repeat the procedure mentioned above.
  • Use the polish to consolidate the results. The procedure is identical to polishing with car wax.

So, it’s clear how to buff out a car and save money on auto mechanic’s services. The whole process usually takes 8–10 hours.

Some Tips to Ensure High-quality Buffering

The buffer for polishing should be completely clean and a bit wet. If wax dries too fast, rinse the car body with water. Don’t polish the same zone for a long time to escape car parts’ heating. Wax should be rubbed on the car body but not on the buffer. The buffing surface should stay always wet during the procedure. If wax dries, it will increase its consumption and the deep scratches may appear.

When polishing a car, take the instrument parallel to the car surface to avoid circular stains. The buffers should be washed in warm water after every stage of polishing. After the car buffing is finished, wash it with soapy water.