Best HID Kit Reviews

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Best HID Kit Reviews

There are many reasons to install the best HID kit in your car. Brighter light for better visibility, more configuration options (like a bi-xenon), and wide color choice make these kits quite popular among drivers. Still, higher capacity also means higher safety requirements and careful installation.

Let’s sum up the factors you should consider when choosing the HID kit for your car:

  • Bulb capacity. The wattage indicated on some kits, mightn’t be the true bulb output. The ballast might draw 55W while accepting 35W or 40W bulbs only. This results in less bright light than expected from such a capacity.
  • AC vs DC ballast. The DC block is considered to be more efficient in terms of bulb performance; still, it leads to quick heating of the bulb and the surrounding area. The AC ballast is safer and usually doesn’t require the cap and / or cover replacement.
  • Wiring. While many HID manufacturers try to make their product plug-n-play, this mightn’t work for all the vehicles. The leads location, the length of the wire, and the voltage might vary among different car models.
  • Color. The HID bulbs let vary the color of the emitted light from the cool white to blue and purple. Still, the color diversity isn’t the same for all kits. Some units might offer only two or three colors while others provide up to twelve colors.

Now that you know what the best HID kits look like, check descriptions to find the one for your car!

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HID Kit Reviews

DDM Tuning Plus 35W

DDM Tuning Plus 35W
If you wish to get a quality product, bright headlights, and little to zero hassle, the Tuning Plus 35W model from DDM might be your H13 HID kit. It includes ballast and bulbs with high efficiency and thorough safety protection. The unit can also act as plug-n-play for many cars, while the CAN bus system requires professional installation for this kit.

The kit implements the AC ballast with the increased efficiency. This allows it to warm up the bulbs quickly so that the light becomes bright in about 15 seconds. The ballast has the 35W capacity and supports the 5W bulbs with 5,500K efficiency. The 25W bulbs with 4,500K are also an option. The ballast itself doesn’t get hot easily, which makes it quite a durable HID option. The ballast includes the ferrite bead installed before the ignitor in the chain. This cuts the RF interference and static issues.

The bulbs supplied with the kit belong to the Premium Ultra line and are designed after the Osram CBI models. They also feature premium components like quartz glass, salts, and electrodes. The capsule design is slightly remodeled from the Apexcone type and provides for ⅕ more light than standard bulbs. The 4,500K bulb, thus, has an output of 3,400 lumens illuminating the dim and dark areas efficiently. This bi-xenon HID kit provides a harness for flexible installation and can be regulated for a high or low position.


  • Weighs only 12.3oz, which makes it simple to install single-handed.
  • The wide coverage area, the three road lines are fully visible.
  • Even light spread, without shades and dim areas.


  • The color matching might be inaccurate, the 5,500K bulb might have blue output.
  • Might create glares with the standard housing for a halogen bulb.

Innovited Premium AC Canbus

Innovited Premium AC Canbus
Usually, the CAN bus network implemented in the car requires the professional support to install anything, especially the headlights. Innovited has worked out the HID system that fits the CAN bus on plug-n-play terms. Considering it also has enhanced protection and emits 10,000K, it could easily be the best HID kit in its class. However, it is quite heavy (weighs 2.2lbs), which might cause trouble during the installation.

The set comprises the ballasts, bulbs, the quick-setup harness, and brackets for the ballast fixation. The ballast is rated at 35W and is made on the basis of the alternative current system. This ensures the relatively low electricity draw and sufficient overheat protection, careful bulb usage. The ballasts are also shockproof and don’t let through dust or water. Thus, the HID light kit can be used in various weather conditions and for different applications (including off-road rides).

The bulbs, included in this kit, are rated at 10,000K and can reach 3,300-lumen brightness at the maximum warm-up. The color of the light is light blue while there’s a wide range of colors and hues available in this line. The bulb’s durability is estimated as 5,500 hours, which makes about 229 days of constant illumination.

The HID harness includes thick wires and solid connections. The wire is long enough and features the Quick Snap fixators to ensure a good fit of this bright HID conversion kit for the majority of car headlights.


  • No Flicker technology ensures the steady light output in about 20 seconds after the lights are on.
  • Works in the extreme environment temperature (from -40F to 250F).
  • Three brackets ensure the stable position of the ballast and enable several mounting options.


  • No latch to secure the hookup at the backward installation.
  • The bulbs aren’t low-profile and might melt the tight-fitting projector.

Xentec H7 10000K

Xentec H7 10000K
If you’re fond of bright light but don’t wish to spend much on the HID, the Xenteс H7 deserves a place on your best HID headlights list. It’s compact, comes with a harness, waterproof, and provides a wide range of bulbs / colors. Still, the temperature limit isn’t high for this set, which might result in the temporary shut off due to overheating.

The set is compact featuring the slim ballast design and weighs 1.2lbs. For certain car models (the majority ones with the 9 to 16V output), it acts as the plug-n-play kit, while others might require the shop installation and some wiring / cover adjustment.

This series offers multiple sizes (from H1 to H16, 9004 — 90145, HB1 — HB5, 880 — 889c), which secures the purchase to some extent with the adequate replacement in case of the non-matching size of the bulb. The color range also varies from yellow and white to blue and pink for this HID conversion kit.

This electronic ballast has a 35W capacity, securing the bulbs from overheating and explosion. It’s also water-resistant meaning your lights won’t go down in a humid climate. The block is equipped with several mounting holes and brackets providing the flexibility of the installation.

The AMP connectors enable quick hookup of different types of HID bulbs. The ones supplied with the Xentec H7 HID kit are rated at 10,000K and provide the highest output at 3,000 lumens.


  • The ballast has the zinc alloy body ensuring efficient heat dissipation.
  • Color-coded wire lets keep the connections correct and avoid reverse hookup issues.
  • The dispersion is generally even, without shades.


  • No manual guide included with the kit.
  • Color consistency is somewhat shifted; the light tends to be purplish.

Xentec 9006 (HB4) 6000K

Xentec 9006 (HB4) 6000K
Variability in size and color, compact electronic ballast, OEM-fitting design make Xentec one of the best HID brands. Another factor making these sets attractive is their low price, which is 1.5-2 times less than the competitor. Still, the affordable cost results in stricter limitations, too. For example, the maximum working temperature for the current model with 6,000K output makes 205F.

However, the digital ballast design implemented in this kit brings enhanced safety. The incoming voltage varies between 9V and 16V, and the current flow is cut once it falls below or above this range. This prevents bulb damage and / or explosion. There’s also the anti-flicker mechanism making the bulb output steady. The wattage of each ballast in this HID kit makes 35W, ensuring the constant even output with the non-changing beam pattern.

The ballast is lightweight (the whole kit weighs 1.2lbs) and sturdy, made of zinc alloy. It comes with a harness and the bulb of 9006 (HB4) size. The bulb outputs 6,000K producing the ultra-white light. Heating time is short, up to 15 seconds, and the maximum lumens reached makes 3,000. The coverage is wide and even, without dim spots or cutoffs.

The Xentec 9006 HID kit can be used for a single-bulb installation, ensuring quick hassle-free bulb replacement (just put in the bulb and click it to lock down). It serves well as the low-beam headlights illuminating the road with intense and concentrated light.


  • Water-resistant with IP65+A level, isn’t affected by rain or humidity.
  • AMP clip block fits OEM bulbs.
  • Detachable harness connector lets swap the cables / connectors if needed.


  • No pre-installed mounting brackets / holes for fixing inside the cover.
  • No pin in the factory harness plug (needs to be pinned manually).

Xentec 9012 H11 (H8/H9) 6000K

Xentec 9012 H11 (H8/H9) 6000K
A 55W capacity, straightforward setup, multiple colors to choose from, and the budget price let this set pop up as the best HID conversion kit on the Web search. Still, the casing isn’t as sturdy as desired to withstand the maximum output and the subsequent heat (in comparison with 35W models by Xentec). This might lead to more frequent shut offs due to increased temperature.

The ballast is slim featuring 2-inch depth and 9-inch width, which make it suitable for multiple car brands and models. Several mounting holes (two on one side and one on another) enable flexible positioning of the block within the headlight cover. The zinc / EPE casing makes the ballasts lightweight and resistant to multiple environment and operation factors like water, dust, overheating, corrosion, melting, etc. These HID lights for cars can withstand -40F and 203F and can be used in various climate zones. The ballast sensor enables the correct bulb operation and ensures no-flicker output.

The connection cables are colored red and black for quick distinction and mistake-free installation. The included harness fits a wide range of bulbs and is equipped with the AMP block for a fast and reliable connection. The 55W current let this H11 HID kit produce the wide beam of pure white light (6,000K output). The central part of the beam is glare-free, and the edges have a gradual dimming pattern. The light is bright but not blinding for upcoming cars thanks to the precise bulb positioning in the socket.


  • 3,800 lumens provide a bright and consistent light with good beam concentration.
  • Wide choice of colors including green, purple, pink, and variations of the yellow, white, and blue light.


  • Cables are constantly wired in and aren’t easy to replace.
  • Supplied bulbs feel cheap and of low capacity; tend to burn quickly.

H11 Morimoto Elite

H11 Morimoto Elite
The unique design, solid build up to the tiniest detail, and bright output make this set a top HID kit. Still, the cost of this model triples one of many competitors while being secured with the extended warranty period (five years for 35W kit).

The ultra-slim metal ballast provides the 35W output, and so does the bulb. It provides fast warming up (within 10 seconds) and constant output secured by the heavy-duty cables and connection blocks. The bulbs in this HID light kit are rated at 6,500K and provide up to 2,900 lumens. This brings a wide clear path ahead, with the constant pattern and no-flicker performance.

The installation is quite simple due to the double relay harness supplied. It ensures full security of the set and the efficient performance in the vehicles with the enhanced electric equipment like local control blocks, light sensor blocks, DRL, and so on. The harness connection blocks on this Morimoto HID kit also feature the mounting plate and can be fixed within the cover.


  • The central relay blocks in the harness have a triple seal for high-level protection from shock and environmental factors.
  • Cables are thick and feature the woven tear-proof isolation.
  • Mount brackets are situated on the sides different from those housing the power connections leaving a lot of space for the latter.


  • Only yellow and white colors are available.
  • The kit takes more space due to bulky blocks and long cables, and is quite heavy (3.6lbs).

Buyer’s Guide

How to Install a HID Kit

In some cars, swapping of the bulb or installation of the HID conversion kits require some adjustments and even drilling. However, in the majority of vehicles, the installation of the HID bulb and ballast doesn’t require expertise or specific knowledge. Follow the steps:

  1. Open the hood and locate the bulb holder. See if you can remove it with the bulb or some tools are required. You might need to remove the headlight completely and disassemble it in some cars.
  2. Unplug the stock socket from the bulb.
  3. Take out the old bulb holding it only at the base (don’t touch the glass).
  4. Remove the plastic cover from the HID bulb (again, keep your fingers off the glass) and insert the bulb into the holder ring.
  5. Connect the bulb wire to the ballast receptacle.
  6. Hook up the ballast plug to the car socket. If the harness is used, connect it to the ballast and then to the car connector.
  7. Turn on the headlights to test the bulb.
  8. If the bulb doesn’t light up, swap the adapter 180 degrees and reconnect to the ballast. Repeat step 7.

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