Best Sunglasses for Driving Reviews

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Driving is a complex activity that requires the application of different high-level intellectual skills, including memory, visual processing of information, and attention. A driver should be guided in a rapidly changing traffic situation, estimate the distance to cars, recognize the signs and colors of vehicle regulation, and monitor the readings of sensors on the dashboard at the same time.

A responsible driver has to choose the best sunglasses for driving which can be polarized and non-polarized. Depending on the type, sunglasses protect the eyes from the true headlights of cars moving towards, from glare, and from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The polarization effect is the total screening of reflected light that occurs due to the special structure and coating of the polarized lens. Glasses are useful due to the sun rays, reflected from the wet surface of the road, which are cut off from the glossy surface of other cars.

Sunglasses with non-polarized lenses are lightweight, heat-resistant, and stylish. For all that, evocative sunglasses for driving have special protective lens coating filters out powerful UV-rays and are comfortable for long-term wearing. In order to choose those ones that meet your demands, it is necessary to get information about both types and get acquainted with popular models that reveal all their advantages and disadvantages.

Sunglasses for Driving Reviews

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Oakley Men’s Holbrook OO9102 Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Holbrook OO9102 Rectangular Sunglasses
The Oakley mens driving sunglasses have a special coating that reduces and filters the reflected glare. The crashworthy rim of eye-glass is checked in practice because even after falling to the ground there are no cracks or scratches on the glasses and on the frame. There’s no need to squint and strain my eyes, which increases driving safety. Oakley driving glasses are practically not felt on the nose bridge and the temples do not squeeze the head over the ears. Glasses protect not only the eyes but also the skin on the eyelids. I don’t like that I cannot lower my head down, otherwise accessory will slip and may fall down. There’s also not really comfortable to use it in the evening (they make the driver almost blind), so it would be better to purchase special sunglasses for this purpose.

  • It’s possible to see clearly the road even on a bright sunny day.
  • Eyes in polarized glasses are not strained and less tired.
  • Frames are made of wear-resistant thermoplastic, so they don’t get hot while being under the sun.
  • There appears a headache as a result of prolonged wear.
  • Item isn’t supplemented with metal reinforcements, so it seems that glasses will not serve for long.

Maui Jim Peahi Polarized Matte Black Wrap Frame Sunglasses

 Maui Jim Peahi Polarized Matte Black Wrap Frame Sunglasses
These glasses are really good for daily use (eyes can rest). Lenses are available in different colors and I especially like bronze ones with a special shade that transmits useful light, provides greater brightness, and a clear image. When I comparing the view without glasses and with them, I see that goggles bring me more clarity and there’s no headache after the long driving. Moreover, the item removes the glare effect of headlights of an oncoming car. Perhaps this model doesn’t belong to the best cheap driving sunglasses, but these polarized glasses look presentable, protect the eyes from negative influence, and do not leave red extrusion marks on the face even after prolonged use. Specified glasses can be exploited not only for driving but also as sports glasses for cyclists or fishing accessories since it is difficult for fishermen to constantly focus on the float during sunny weather.

  • Glasses are comfortably placed on the nose bridge and do not squeeze the head (due to the rubber inserts).
  • The light leak behind the rim of eyeglasses is small.
  • Universal design fits people with any facial shape.
  • Unintentional contact glasses with a zipper can cause scratches.
  • The case is large and it’s not comfortable, especially while putting these glare reducing sunglasses into the small bag.

Costa Del Mar Loreto Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Loreto Sunglasses
The Costa Del Mar are small and don’t take up much space in the car and in the bag. Due to the safe and durable plastic, glasses stay the same even after falling down. Special rubber tips help not slip from the ears, however, the material quality is questionable. I really like that Loreto model diffuses light from headlights or street lighting, which usually disorients the driver. Stainless steel hinge makes the temple the reliable part of the construction, as it bends and unbends easily, not hanging out. It’s hard to call Costa Del Mar’s product the best polarized sunglasses for driving because the frame arms are not the same height. I have to adjust them according to my face’s peculiarities manually. It’s great that polarized driving sunglasses have a unique Costa 580 patented light filter, which perfectly neutralizes the yellow color that isn’t positively perceived by the eyes. The product is a decent choice for people with light hypersensitivity.

  • Glasses are very light and hardly felt on the nose.
  • They hold onto my face well and don’t slide off.
  • Glasses don’t produce discomfort for the hair while popping them up on the head.
  • Glasses are for small faces only.
  • Rubber tips look unreliable and have a striking smell.

DUCO Shades Classic Oversized Polarized Sunglasses for Women

DUCO Shades Classic Oversized Polarized Sunglasses for Women
Specified DUCO accessories can be probably perceived as the best women’s sunglasses for driving because the product is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and doesn’t spoil the outfit in general. Glasses do not press anywhere and quickly adapt to the face’s features, but metal insignia pulls hair, making feel uncomfortable and painful. These polarized lenses have a special coating that increases the contrast of day vision and protect the eyes in conditions of excessively bright lighting due to photochromic and mirror effects. Glasses cover a sensitive area from above eyebrows down past the eye bags. They are oversized, so it’s a pleasant surprise that they protect not only my eyes but skin around. Despite the scratches protection, it’s better to keep glasses in a case and be careful because I managed to put a small scratch with my fingernail.

  • The product’s design is classic so it flatters almost all face types.
  • They are good for a small head.
  • The set contains not only goggles but also hard case and soft cleaning cloth.
  • Sunglasses reduce the readability of road signs, side, and brake lights.
  • The lens is loose and slightly fetch away.

Best Non-Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses

Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses
It’s definitely good that specified sunglasses have photochromic lenses, which automatically adjust their shades according to the light. When driving in bright sunlight, photochromic lenses darken, providing better protection. When the sun sets, these lenses brighten, making the view more clear. With these glasses, I don’t have to squint, as they protect eyes from tension, which often accompanies long road driving. Special silicone pads are comfortable and don’t put pressure on my nose, moreover, these driving sunglasses don’t fall down while bending over. Serengeti goggles are made of glass that provides a clear view with the small distortion level. The reflected colors are bright but not overpowering, so this model can probably be the best sunglasses for driving for people with a desire to see everything in the original color scheme. Item’s design is classic and can be used both by men and women despite the clothes style.

  • Non-polarized lenses are small what makes them comfortable for wearing.
  • Assembly quality is sturdy because all the details are strong.
  • The set includes cloth and pleasant-to-eye case.
  • Small screws seem to be loosened.
  • The glass base is relatively hard and I feel some nausea while wearing glasses for a long period.

BMW B6513 Aviator Sunglasses

BMW B6513 Aviator Sunglasses
This model can be called one of the most universal. It is suitable for all types of face, as well as organically fit and emphasize any attire. BMW lovers, probably, will call this item the best driving sunglasses because the B6513 model is solid, has all the signs of brand identity because they are an official exclusive licensed BMW product (logo on the temples and on the glass itself). It has a sturdy assembly; even plastic elements are thick but lightweight. Despite being non-polarized glasses, it has mirror lenses, which fully reflect the sun’s rays and do not heat up at any temperature. Moreover, they are additionally coated with a UV-filter and protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet emission. The BMW B6513 fits both female and male drivers; it can be a decent present for any occasion.

  • It comes with a soft and hard case for reliable keeping.
  • Large lenses close eyes not only from the front but also from the sides.
  • Light but at the same time durable metal bow reliably protects the product from breakage.
  • Rubber tips on the small arms are not tight.
  • One inaccurate movement with a wristwatch and a small scratch can appear on the lenses.

Ray-Ban Men’s RB2027 Predator 2 Rectangular Sunglasses

 Ray-Ban Men’s RB2027 Predator 2 Rectangular Sunglasses
The Ray Ban driving glasses have a gray-green hue. Lenses transmit only 15% of the visible spectrum of daylight, and 100% block ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The amount of light that passes through them is most consistent with the sensitivity of the human eye and makes it possible to see the colors as they really are. This model is made of high-quality optical glass, resistant to external influences, scratches, and other not really serious mechanical damages. Maybe the specified item doesn’t belong to the superior sunglasses, but it’s an original product for men who spend much time while driving and want to protect their eyes. It’s sad to notice that unreliable fixation of lenses in the frame may cause their loss in different situations. The glasses don’t come with the case that makes it harder to protect them from scratches.

  • Stylish glasses are an indicator of the refined taste and sense of style.
  • It’s an expensive accessory that emphasizes the high status of the owner.
  • Unique lenses protect eyes from sun glare.
  • The frame has a shiny black finish and even small scratches are clearly visible.
  • Some little ridges on the front side of the frame don’t decorate the accessory, in contrast.

Under Armour Men’s Power Sunglass

Under Armour Men’s Power Sunglass
Such an accessory is a great way to release your eyes from fatigue. They protect the eye retina from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, thereby saving the eyesight of their owner. Glasses’ frame is perfectly combined with the contour of the face and can be a great addition to any style look.

Unsurpassed heat resistance really impresses me, wherethrough, even after leaving glasses in the car on a dashboard, there were no damages under the high-temperature influence. Polycarbonate lenses are light due to the low specific gravity of the material, so glasses with them are much more comfortable than with plastic lenses. They look neat and aesthetically pleasant, moreover, it is safe because on impact, it will not fly apart but only deform a little. Despite all the positive moments, I can’t perceive this item as the best driving glasses because this useful pair of spectacles has an unpleasant chemical smell.

  • Frames are made of a plastic that provides lightness and flexibility. I can bend them and the shape of the small arms will not change.
  • There are comfortable nose pads that are securely fixed and do not cause painful feelings.
  • There is a shiny coating that peels off and wrinkles up.
  • The logo is not attached securely and it seems that it will fall away.

Buyer’s Guide

What is Driving Lenses Sunglasses?

A good view of the road in any weather is the main condition for safe driving. Specific driving glasses protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation and help drive a car in the sunny weather, as well as in rain and fog. They have several dimming filters that are arranged in layers. The important element (polarizer) is located in the middle between the ultraviolet filters and prevents the penetration of horizontal rays. Due to the presence of specified lenses, driving glasses completely preclude glares and do not obscure them like ordinary sunglasses. Moreover, the reflected rays of light are eliminated and are not perceived by the eye. Polarized driving glasses increase the activity of photosensitive eye cells and slow down the aging process of the visual organs.

Colorful Lenses: Which Colors are Suitable for Certain Situation?

It is worth noting that you can find lenses of different colors and shades that seriously affect the perception of the image. Many people are interested in what color sunglasses are best for driving while choosing, and the answer depends on what time of the day the glasses will be used.

  • Brown lenses are great for bright daylight; however, they are quite dangerous in the evening, as they blacken out the view too much.
  • Yellow lenses are a good choice for driving in low light conditions. They make the image more clear in fog and are ideal for driving in the winter season because they greatly reflect glare from the snow.
  • Gray is one of the most popular colors among sunglasses, which are used for driving. Such lenses help reduce the brightness of sunlight and glare. They are the most versatile and suitable for travel at day time.
  • Pink shades cast a cold blue spectrum and increase visual contrast. They are comfortable for continuous use because they block blue rays well.
  • Green lenses are recommendable for driving on a bright sunny day or outdoor recreation. They slightly interfere with color reproduction but improve contrast and also have the ability to soothe the eyes.

Widespread Kinds of Sunglasses for Driving

Decent car sunglasses relieve eye strain caused by bright sunlight, so it’s important to make the right choice, but before, the driver has to get acquainted with sunglasses types according to the form. It’s hard to choose the best sunglasses for driving that will reduce sun glare at all, but every driver can find a decent type that meets the demand.

  • Aviators are legendary glasses that have a thin metal frame and a drop-shaped lens shape. Initially, they were issued for US Air Force (hence the name) pilots, but over time, they began to be worn by ordinary people.
  • Wayfarers were released by the famous company Ray Ban. The accessory has emphasized massive frame, plastic or horny, and upward-expanding lenses.
  • Teashades have small round lenses and a thin almost imperceptible frame.
  • Cat’s Eye is a classic of femininity. They got such a name because of the massive rim with a characteristic bend of the outer corners up because of the rounding of large lenses down.
  • Tight glasses firmly contact with the face and are almost similar to a mask. Almost all the sports models are presented in this design. They consist of lenses and almost always have a wide but lightweight frame.
  • Narrow glasses have an elongated shape, their lenses can be triangular, as stretched-oval as possible, have narrow rectangles form, and stylized as classic retro-models like Cat’s Eye but sharper.