Best Remote Car Starter Reviews

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If you’ve been looking for a tool that will allow you to control your vehicle on distance and will increase its protection level than you should definitely think about buying the best remote car starter. It’s a brand new device that is primarily designed for car starting without a key in the ignition lock. Thus, the car can be started with a simple click of a button.

It worth noting that nowadays most of the remote car starters include a lot more possibilities than just distant door lock control. Even for a moderate price, you can obtain a device with such extra functions like turning the interior and exterior lighting on/off, cabin temperature programming on distance, autostart of the engine, etc.

It would be great to start a car remotely from home or workplace. That’s why when choosing a remote starter, it’s necessary to consider such factors as a range of action and other characteristics. The device with suitable range must be chosen based on how far you usually are from your car, and the specs of the product should be based only on your personal preferences.

The remote car starter reviews can offer you info about the most relevant units on the market. So make sure to get acquainted with our article to found out about the most decent systems for distance car control!

Remote Car Starters Reviews

Avital 4103LX

Avital 4103LX
This model is probably one of the best remote car starters supplied with theft prevention feature, offered in a budget segment. It consists of two small remotes with a set of four knobs. The green LED lighting triggers with every action performed by the user. The system is endowed with such feature as panic mode: the sidelights and the alarm turn on immediately when you press this button. However, it’s necessary to set up the alarm system separately if you want to activate this option.

Moreover, the Avital 4103LX features some extra functions that are absent even in some models of a higher price range. For example, it automatically turns on the kill switch with the engine when you lock the doors. This significantly reduces the chance of car theft.


  • It’s compatible with numerous models of cars.
  • The valet mode provides convenient parking.


  • It requires a professional installation.
  • This unit has too many features for only four buttons, which is rather confusing and inconvenient.

Viper 5906V

Viper 5906V
The 5906V from Viper is quite pricey model, but it probably one of the best remote starters presented in the premium segment. It’s perfectly suitable for those who would like to provide a maximum protection level for their car and aren’t limited in budget. The system is endowed with some extra security sensors to enhance the protection against most types of car break-ins.

It has two different remotes. One with the OLED touchscreen (you can customize the interface according to your personal preferences) made from a soft-touch plastic. The other one has five buttons with the help of which you can manage the main functions provided by the unit (such as door lock control, for example). Furthermore, there is an opportunity to operate the system via your phone using the SmartStart app.

The most outstanding possibility of this unit is the simultaneous control of two vehicles. The smart system automatically checks the connection with the second car, so it will inform you if this connection disappears. The built-in information center quickly updates and provides all the necessary information.


  • The starter kill feature to immediately immobilize your vehicle.
  • It has an extremely loud alarm sound.
  • The owner’s manual is very detailed.


  • Despite its high price, the unit has an average operating range (one mile).

Crimestopper RS4-G5

Crimestopper RS4-G5
The RS4-G5 is a solid system from the budget price segment that offers the most essential security features. It has two identical remotes, made from brushed metal, with a set of five buttons. The RS4-G5 has an incredibly rich functionality as for an entry-level system: 31 features allow programing the engine monitoring. The system is compatible with most vehicles. With the help of a bilateral starter, the unit will be in constant contact with your car. This way, it provides very accurate information.

It’s obvious that the manufacturer did everything possible to provide the user with great flexibility. This way, the model can work with both manual and automatic transmissions. Plus, you can control two separate cars with just one remote. It also has a really long range remote start (up to 2000 miles), which is a significant advantage even in comparison with much more expensive models. The entry system is fully keyless, so it’s quite convenient.


  • The mobile-start feature is available.
  • The system allows interacting with your car via smartphone.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and not confusing in usage.


  • An alarm system is missing.

Directed Electronics Inc 4806P

Directed Electronics Inc 4806P
The present model is not the one from the cheap remote car starters. It’s presented in the middle price range.

Out of the box, you will get two transmitters with five buttons that are thin and tiny (one of them has a LED lighting, and the other one doesn’t). The biggest privilege of the unit is the possibility to work via a special phone app that can be downloaded for free. This app will let you lock/unlock the door, open the trunk, activate the panic mode, or car finder function remotely. Plus, it can work on several smartphones at the same time, so one car can be controlled by the whole family. That remotes don’t have the LCD panel which means that you will be able to receive a status update only on your smartphone with the help of Python SmartStart app. SuperCode technology includes the signal encryption software system and the possibility to manage two cars at the same time.

Another addition is a rechargeable keychain. Still, it’s not easy install remote car starter, as it has to be integrated with another safety module, plus the provided instructions aren’t easy to follow. So it’s highly recommended to entrust the installation to an experienced professional.

The SST technology can guarantee that the signal will be present even if the frequency is blocked. The manufacturer claims about the one-mile range of action, but it actually depends on the local environment and appears to be much shorter in practice even in urban areas.


  • The Emergency Override option guarantees that the car will be safely disabled.
  • The six-tone siren appears to be really powerful and loud.
  • It has four auxiliary ports.


  • The shock sensor is too sensitive, the alarm triggers for no reason when the weather is stormy, for example.

Compustar CS800-S

Compustar CS800-S
This model from Compustar is among the cheapest ones in our remote starter reviews. Two tiny black remote controls are the basis of the whole set. The most remarkable feature of the unit is its universality: you can set it up in almost any car or truck. A set of more habitual features is also present: a smartphone control (note that you will need a DR-3400 to add this function) or entrance without keys. It will let you activate the generator without keys and manage the cabin temperature. The other useful characteristic is the remote trunk release: just push the corresponding button for two and a half seconds.

The present unit is probably the best remote car starter for beginners. It’s enough to have basic car knowledge to set up this system. However, it should be noted that the device has quite poor functionality while the other brands offer more possibilities for the same price.


  • You can obtain the GPS tracking feature if you pair the system with the DR-3400.


  • The buttons are very sensitive and can be accidentally pressed in your pants pocket.
  • The remote has only one-way communication.

Buyer’s Guide

How to Use a Remote Car Starter: Brief Instruction

It’s safe to say that many drivers tend to find only the best remote start kit as it has a lot of useful features. Nevertheless, it’s a novel device and may seem confusing for some car owners at first sight. It isn’t worth worrying about that: actually, this device is pretty similar to the habitual car security alarm system. You should just follow some instructions for proper exploitation.

  1. The remote car starter can’t be used outside its range, so first make sure that you are not too far from your car. Then, push the corresponding button to start the engine.
  2. You shouldn’t use the remote while your vehicle is parked in the enclosed area (garage, closed parking area in the shopping mall, etc). This can lead to the abnormal level of carbon monoxide fumes which are dangerous for human health.
  3. After the ignition is turned on, you can use other functions provided by your remote starter. Depending on the model of the system you have, it’s necessary to use a specific key combination to activate different modes, like triggering of the autostart system when the engine reaches a certain temperature. In winter, such a function has particular importance, as it prevents oil freezing, periodically warming up a car during low temperatures period. Program your car to start every 3-4 hours when the weather is cold, and it will always be ready to go.

Remote Car Starter Installation

Ideally, the setup of a car remote starter system should be made by a professional. Some models are so complex that can’t be installed by a layman. However, the manufacturer usually provides the instructions on how to install remote car starter in the kit, so it’s natural that some people try to do it on their own.

This way, the first thing that you need to do is to get acquired with the instruction manual. The procedure depends on the model of the car, since the connection of some wires of the control module is mandatory, and some of them don’t always have to be connected. It’s very important to understand which of the wires of the control unit do you need for setup, and what functions are performed by them.

So before starting the installation, you should discover which of the control module wires will be used. Find and mark those wires. The preliminary preparation also allows determining the best place to locate the starter control module, which needs to be fixed after the installation is finished. Avoid the airbag chains, any harnesses, or wires. The main module must be placed in a safe, hidden place, away from any additional wires. The high current flows through the ignition lock wires, so all the connections must be made extremely reliable. We recommend soldering all of them.

How Can you Reset a Remote Car Starter?

Even if you have coped with the setup process, you may still wonder “how to reset my remote car starter?”. To do this, you need to turn the key in the ignition lock and push the Valet button until you hear the bleeper. Push the Valet button again, and then press and release the remote’s button. The process is done after you hear the beep and release the Valet button.