Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews

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Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews

When thinking of the best double din head unit, the great number of useful features, support of two operational systems, and large display for convenient use come to mind. The aesthetical characteristics are also not in the last place. Fortunately, the following aftermarket head units come with elegant displays that are also convenient to make regulations and adjustments.

Some drivers might think that the replacement of the original device is a challenge but actually, it’s an easier process than choosing the right model. There are various modifications on the modern market and each product features its own set of options. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand which of them are more valuable.

The double din stereo reviews below include the units that help upgrade the audio system and provide better sound quality, as well as good usability. All the presented models belong to the credible manufacturers. They have a specific range of functionality and techs to pick either the entry-level or the more expensive advanced products. Keep reading the buyer’s guide to get to the bottom of the specs and set priorities in order to choose the best double din head unit.

Double Din Car Stereo Reviews

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth
When looking for the best double din head unit for the money it costs, the ATOTO A6 comes to mind primarily since it’s a universal model. It fits many cars that have a double din dash kit and a wiring harness (or CANBUS data interface) to complete the installation.

There are two Bluetooth modules in this unit. It’s possible to hook one phone up to Bluetooth 1 to stream music and connect the same phone to Bluetooth 2 for Bluetooth tethering at the same time.

The double din head unit with navigation is compatible with the Torque Pro – the diagnostic and performance scanner app for Android smartphones, as well as with any other Android application. Moreover, the unit is capable of connecting to the third-party Bluetooth OBD apps and the majority of the Bluetooth OBD2 devices on Amazon, unlike other low-cost products that only support basic Bluetooth OBD2 they provide. One can also use iPhone to connect to the receiver. It’s possible to set a subwoofer up with these devices. It connects to the preamp output on the back of the receiver and needs a separate amplifier to drive the sub.

The built-in EQ is just decent, but if having an app like Spotify, it’s possible to choose the Natural or Flat mode on the stereo equalizer in order to provide high-quality sound. If speaking of the picture quality, it’s bright and detailed. For example, when using Google Maps, the text is clear and easy-to-read. Watching a video is also flawless.


  • The unit comes with a large 10.1-inch screen that is easy to remove with the aid of two small Phillips screws on each side.
  • One can connect the backup camera to this device through RCA.


  • The device doesn’t support USB tethering to connect your phone wired.

Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver

Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver
The Sony XAV-AX100 is the next candidate for the best double din head unit for sound quality. It is a single-din sized radio with a double-din clean and responsive interface, meaning much space to put wire harness and cables. The resistive touch screen is really fast. The voice control works good and the quality of sound is really great. Generally, the audio has no issues, and it sounds perfect if using the DSO.

The auto media receiver has 3.5mm inputs: one is for a mic and the other – for steering wheel controls. It has a programming menu to set custom steering wheel controls via the AUX cable. Just splice an AUX cable into the steering wheel control wires on the harness and plug it into the back of the Sony.

This model doesn’t support Wireless CarPlay that’s why it’s necessary to plug the iPhone in. The stereo comes with a USB extension that makes it possible to plug a regular iPhone cable into that. The extension plugs into the back panel of the stereo and then one can run that cable out from under the dash.

The unit displays video through the USB from video files on a USB stick, but there’s no video streaming from the phone to the media receiver.


  • The camera view is instant and the bootup time of the unit is 10 seconds.
  • The new firmware allows changing the color of the button illumination.
  • The device comes with an external microphone to mount it.


  • The backup camera sometimes turns on when it shouldn’t.
  • The sound might get stuck.

COREHAN Double Din Android Car Stereo

COREHAN Double Din Android Car Stereo
Since it deals with the Android double din head unit, it’s not compatible with iPhones by default. However, the connection is possible via Bluetooth in order to dial, get a phone call on the car stereo, and play music from the iOS mobile device.

The automobile stereo works with the digital video recorders that come with the Android-capable USB outputs. The unit also supports both DVD and CD disks. The receiver works great and plays music from micro SD or the external USB drive without an issue. If connecting the gadget to Wi-Fi, one can download and app from Google Play and they will work as on the common tablet.

The gadget takes from 20 to 30 seconds to boot up. However, the COREHAN will switch to a backup camera instantly even in the process of booting up. The cars with aftermarket wireless steering wheel control can be connected to the receiver via wireless receiver with the KEY1/KEY2 line.

This model comes with the external USB that works fine for playing music/video or power the dashcam. Bear in mind that it provides 500 mA that is not suitable for charging phone since the smartphone battery has a capacity of about 1500 mAh.


  • It’s compatible with the majority of the aftermarket backup cameras.
  • It’s possible to set the car logo in the system and it will be visible when the unit is booting.
  • The device comes with a GPS application. It features a stable signal once the included GPS antenna is mounted on the dash.


  • Cables and double din frame are not in the package.
  • This receiver has just 7-inch screen.

JVC Double DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver

JVC Double DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver
These double din head units with Bluetooth has two USB ports and both of them support Quick Charge. Besides, one can connect two phones simultaneously and use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Two ports also give the opportunity to mirror Android and Apple phones.

The device is compatible with the Maestro adapter to read engine codes in real time, see tire pressure, door ajar, RPM, and intake degree. Note that Android Auto requires a wired connection to the phone since it doesn’t use Bluetooth. Though the device supports steering wheel controls, the user should buy the special module separately.

The responsive touch screen and Apple Play make it easy to play music from the phone. Unlike the majority of other models within this price range, it has physical volume buttons. Besides, the gadget has a good quality microphone for voice control. So, it reads the texts aloud and also sends them. Graphic equalizer and acoustic fine-tuning are better than other similar units have. The device can be hooked up to the amp, but it works better with the OEM rear entertainment system.


  • Brand software and firmware updates are available to bring the latest app functionality.
  • Good bass.
  • The unit comes with dedicated output for a subwoofer.


  • It requires only high-end cords to provide the Android Auto stable work.
  • The brightness adjustment is difficult to find and it’s crucial as the screen has glare in direct sunlight.

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver

Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver
This 2 din head unit has voice control via voice control. As long as the mobile phone is connected to Bluetooth, it’s possible to both accept and make phone calls on this system. It lacks GPS navigation, but one can get it if using the mobile app on the phone – Waze, Genius Maps, Extra Mile, etc.

The device has the USB port on the back (at the bottom left corner). The extension cable is long and it features the head unit to run it to a different location. This receiver plays video from USB drive, but it’s necessary to check the parking brake sensor wire for proper connection or it won’t play. The gadget is fitted with a backup camera. It’s off by default and needs the adjustments.

The installation is easy. The sound is clear and loud without either booming to harshness even if using stock speakers. This model features 13-band graphic equalizer, customizable colors, and backgrounds, as well as reliable Bluetooth connection.


  • It has a subwoofer volume control and, besides, it’s possible to connect aftermarket speakers or subwoofers to this unit without a problem.
  • The receiver has many settings to tweak with the sound.
  • It’s possible to charge the iPhone through this unit.


  • It doesn’t have an SD card slot.
  • The screen isn’t removable. It is fixed and doesn’t move at all.

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Android Auto Car Multimedia Player

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Android Auto Car Multimedia Player
This double din radio plays videos via USB. The unit doesn’t have Sirius/XM compatibility that’s why it’s necessary to use a 3rd party XM radio adaptor to make it work with satellite radio. Although the equalizer is 3-band only, it’s still possible to connect a 6-channel external amp to the system in-line.

The device comes with the appropriate connections for steering wheel controls. The unit also features a capacitive, clear, and responsive touchscreen. It is bright enough to compensate for the drawback of being angled up in the car facing upward to the sun.

One can make and receive calls clearly using the built-in microphone. It’s possible to listen to FM radio while using Android Auto for navigation. With regard to Android Auto, it starts automatically and works well. It’s possible to access multiple radio stations easily. When a station is playing, just press on the station or its description on the screen.


  • One can change the color of the touch buttons.
  • The installation is easy with the aid of an antenna adapter, dash kit, and harness adapter.
  • Image quality is good and close to the HD 4K format.


  • No backup camera.
  • No built-in GPS, so it’s necessary to use either CarPlay or Android Auto for navigation.

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN Wireless Car Stereo Receiver

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN Wireless Car Stereo Receiver
The double din with backup camera supports two phones at once via Bluetooth. One can designate the phones individually to use the Bluetooth for calling and/or music. The USB’s are for hooking up the phone to either Apple CarPlay (USB 1) or Android Auto (USB 2).

If planning to listen to music it’s possible to use the SD Card slot that supports up to 32GB or play music from the phone once it’s hooked up to the USB port. When playing a video from a USB or SD card, it automatically resumes after shutting off the car and restarts later.

The screen is motorized (one can move it up and down for a sunshade) and detachable. It also comes with a little black pouch to put the face in safely once it has been detached. The unit has a cooling fan in the back.

This model offers a 13-band graphic equalizer, capable of holding two custom curves. It also has digital time alignment that is important for installation if targeting perfect sound quality. As a result, the sound is full, clear, and the sound stage is defined.


  • The device recharges iPhones and iPads.
  • It supports an aftermarket backup camera with a standard RCA connection.
  • Wireless integration with Pandora via Bluetooth.


  • This model does not include built-in navigation.

Buyer’s Guide

What Is Double Din Receiver?

To answer the question about what is double din head unit, it’s necessary to look at each word separately. Since “din” is a common size of the typical car radio, “double din” means that the gadget under discussion is twice as large.

DIN relates to the dimensions 2×8 inches. A German standard was developed at the end of the last century for radios in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. Double DIN means the same 8-inch width of the units but their height is 4 inches now.

That’s why these units come with the touchscreens to facilitate its maintenance and a range of smart options. It’s possible to use the speaker wires to get a signal and then convert it to a preamp-level signal. It lets use RCA inputs for running signal to an amplifier. Many of the models can be connected to a sub to arrange the car acoustic system.

What’s Difference about Single DIN and Double DIN Car Radio?

Double DIN car radios feature such extra options as watching video on DVD in the HD quality, built-in navigation (not all models), Bluetooth, the opportunity to hook up two phones to them, etc. All that stuff requires more space for mounting that’s why single DIN units cannot provide it. One of the greatest double DIN features is the opportunity to connect a backup camera. Some models even have them onboard or in the box.

The generally accepted view is that double DIN radios deliver loud and high-quality sound. In many cases, it’s true, but some of them come with the same audio processors and DACs that the single DIN units have, so they feature the same sound quality.

A potential advantage of double DIN devices is more buttons, and less fiddling while driving, as a result. However, single models are cheaper.

How to Choose Double Din Head Unit?

First, the stereo equipment should fit the car since some old vehicles might be compatible only with the single DIN radios. Sometimes, the installation requires additional items – dash kit wire, wiring harnesses, and a steering wheel control adapter. Other features to consider:

  • Display size and quality. The unit might have either 10.1-inch or 7-inch screens. Regardless of the size, they should be responsive.
  • Built-in navigation. Certainly, it’s always possible to use dedicated mobile apps, but native navigation (the integration of the GPS module) is more reliable since it never discharges and features a stable signal.
  • Versatility. Some models are compatible with two smartphones that have different operating systems.
  • Connectivity, meaning the ability to stream audio/video from several sources. Many devices let us enjoy audio or video content from both DVD/CD and USB/Bluetooth.
  • Usability. It’s crucial to manage the head unit without being distracted from driving. For example, stable Bluetooth-connection provides handle-free calling and voice control allows giving any command to the device.
  • Peak and RMS power. Think of these parameters if aiming to improve the system’s sonic abilities and escape distortions.
  • The number of pre-amp outputs. More channel preamp outputs make it possible to set up a multi-channel audio system inside the vehicle.

Personal preferences are also meaningful since even the best (from the manufacturer’s point of view) interface might be inconvenient for some drivers.

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