STANLEY PPRH5 Professional Power Station review

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As a driver, I had to deal with different kinds of problems. Some of them are related to the unavailability of starting an engine. Usually, a good jump starter solves the problem immediately. There are many best mini jump starters available today, but I prefer STANLEY PPRH5.

It is a reliable and powerful enough to start a small automobile or even a heavy-duty truck without any kind of problems. This is a great device with a very ergonomic handle that makes it easier to carry around. The handle is quite useful, since the device is heavy – 19 pounds. Nevertheless, it has helped me many times and I would like to recommend this device to all drivers. A great thing about this device is that it has an air compressor that can be used to inflate tires fast and without making any efforts. Therefore, it is a device that can help you solve a range of problems.

Specifications of STANLEY PPRH5



It is not a simple jump starter, but a multifunctional device. It is powerful enough to start up an engine and inflate tires. Overall, a device can help you a lot.


  • The peak is 1000 amps and 500 instant amps. It can start up motorcycles, boats, small cars or heavy trucks.
  • The clamps are covered with metal powder. It makes them more durable.
  • An alarm will inform you if you connect clamps improperly.
  • An emergency LED light.
  • Indicators that show power and charge. You will know where to recharge the device.
  • A built-in AC charger. You can recharge it with a common extension cord.
  • A 120 PSI air compressor. It can be used to inflate tires.
  • Two AC outlets.
  • USB connectors to charge your devices.
  • The weight is 20.4 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 15.9×13.5×6.5 in.


  • It is quite heavy.
  • No LED display.

It is a perfect device that any driver should have. It can start up an engine immediately. It is especially useful for drivers who have old cars or experience problems with starting an engine.

The best device for drivers – STANLEY PPRH5

It is a great solution that is able to solve one of the most important problems with cars – starting an engine. It is powerful enough to start even a heavy duty truck. Of course, it is heavy and relatively big, but it is still the device that you need. Moreover, it has an air compressor, which can help you inflate your tires. I would like to recommend this device to drivers, since it has many useful functions. You can start up an engine, inflate tires, charge your devices or use it as a light source.