Aickar 800A Peak Car Jump Starter

4/51 rating

Sometimes, your automobile may need some help. I have tried many best jump starters and I must say that Aickar 800A is one of the best one available today. This is a perfect option for everyone, who needs this kind of devices. The first thing you will notice about this device is how attractive it looks. It has a modern design.

Another important feature that is the LED light, which makes it perfect to be used in nights or in dark areas. It is not big or heavy and that makes it very mobile so I can take it with me wherever I go. It is provided with a jumper cable, car charger, USB cable and adaptor.

Therefore, you have everything you may need. Moreover, it can be used as a power bank! Overall, it is a great device that works and looks amazing and I can say that it has helped me sometimes.

Aickar 800A — the best solution to start up your automobile

When it comes to jump starters, specifications are super important.


  • The peak current may reach 800A
  • It starts diesel and gas engines (up to 4.5L). Up to 30 times without recharging
  • The battery capacity is 19800 mAh. You can charge devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • The clamps are designed to assure the highest level of safety
  • The weight is 2.8 pounds
  • The dimensions are 8.6x3x6x1.1 in
  • The lithium polymer battery is used


  • The power may be not enough to start a heavy-duty truck
  • No air compressor
  • The peak current may be not enough in certain cases

It is a highly reliable device that can be used as a jump starter for relatively large vehicles or to charge a wide range of devices.

Why you need this device

As a driver, I must say that you should be ready to deal with different kinds of situations and sometimes, you may need a device that can help start your vehicle. Aickar 800A is a reliable device that can help you. Moreover, it can be used to charge different devices, like tablets or smartphones. In any case, this is a device that you should have. It has a very high capacity.

Of course, it may be not enough to start a super heavy vehicle, but it will be a good option in 90% of cases. I can definitely recommend it.