LST 12V 5A Automatic Battery Charger Maintainer

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In this review, I consider the LST charger, which has an output voltage of 12V with a current of 5A which are good specs for a miniature size. The intelligent battery charger designed for all types of lead-acid accumulators as well as AGM and GEL types of 12V batteries.

The presence of LED indicators, which help know the current information about the state of charge and the operation mode. The device has 7 modes of operation that can be selected manually. It is worth noting the automatic mode of desulfation and recovery which will lead to a working state of a completely discharged battery. The charger is equipped with special modes for charging in cold weather and has protection against incorrect connection and short circuit. As other chargers mentioned in our main article about the choice of the best trickle charger, LST 12V сonnects to the battery is very simple. It has ample connectivity thanks to 3 sets of complete cords: with clips for accumulator terminals, round cleats and with a connector through the cigarette lighter, for safe charging.

LST 12V 5A pros & cons:


  • It is possible to extend the cord to 10 feet, but without additional cords, there is no enough length.
  • Lightweight and small device with a convenient bag for transportation.
  • It has the function of accumulator recovery and safe charging, which makes it possible to charge 6-volt batteries.


  • A charge of even a small battery takes a lot of time.
  • Plastic housing and AC plug look unreliable.