Removing Vehicle Wrap is Easy

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The cover of the car might become corrupted over time, and the owner might want to change the car’s look and have a fresh one. However, getting the vinyl coating off is not just peel-n-go.

The process is simple; yet, it requires time, assiduity, and solid preparation. Wonder how to remove car wraps effectively? Here are the tips.

Quality Car Wrapping

Though most of the owners start looking for the particulars of car wrap removal when the need actually arises, they can be warned for the future wraps. The quality of the vinyl and the way it is applied is crucial for the painless peeling- off the coating.

  • The surface must be smooth, free from dirt, and rust. For that, it should be treated properly before wrapping (most car tuners use isopropyl alcohol).
    The films used to coat the car must be of high quality – such vinyl usually leaves no residue upon removal.
  • No primer applied. For having the work done faster, some use the primer to seal the edges. That’s an unnecessary measure resulting in additional efforts and time during removal. There is a lot of dry residues left on the car surface and it takes hours to scrape it off.

Get the Optimal Environment

The vinyl films and the adhesive residue is affected by environmental factors. If detaching the film in the open air, make sure there is no direct sunlight, cold, heat, or rain. The best place to peel off the vinyl cover is a ventilated garage with the heating system.

Heat It Up

Before starting to remove the film, apply the heat source to it for a short time. The propane torch or a heat gun is great for it, though even a lighter can be used. Warm up the exact place you are planning to peel off at and the surrounding area. As for the temperature and time of heating, they depend on the exact material used for wrapping. Check the requirements with the sales representative of the films’ manufacturer.

Pull at an Angle

The most frequent mistake is pulling the cover layer up perpendicularly of tearing it away at almost 180 degrees. Hold the strap of the film at an angle so that it goes at 45 degrees to the car surface. In this way, it detaches easily and doesn’t get torn.

No Hurrying

Vinyl’s removal isn’t quick process. In order to keep the surface of the car and the film clean and whole. Removing vehicle wrap slowly, you get the least of the adhesive left behind and the unharmed surface not requiring much treatment for the next coating. If do it fasy, the film might go separate. Its laminate can come apart, and detaching the vinyl becomes a much more difficult task.

Go Wide

Grasping at one stripe of the film and pulling at sides is a bad idea. For even and harmless removal, spread your fingers and try to catch as much of the film surface as possible. Try to apply the power evenly in order to detach the vinyl at several points simultaneously.

Remove the Adhesive

Even if you studied properly how to remove vehicle wrap and performed everything in order, the small amount of the adhesive residue might still be left behind. Check the dissolving products that are able to remove it and preserve your car surface.