How Long Does an AGM Battery Last?

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AGM batteries are popular because they’re affordable, reliable, and are always charged fast. Besides, such units are able to keep a charge better. Why is AGM battery life expectancy so long? First, let’s note that their average lifespan is in the range of 3–5 years. However, the best AGM battery charger and adequate care for them can prolong their life for up to 8 years.

External Factors That Impact the AGM Battery Life

How long do AGM batteries last and is it possible to determine their true expiring? That depends on several factors.

Cold weather or heat can reduce the battery’s life. Too low temperatures hampered their performance and too high ones expedite their discharging. That’s why the same model can serve some years in one climate and some months in the other.

Poor care has a bad impact on AGM battery life. It should be clean and well maintained to serve for a long time even under tough conditions.

The type of the vehicle can affect the AGM batter too. The newest models have “Start/Stop” tech on board that makes the engine shut off when a car comes to a complete stop. When pressing on the accelerator, the motor starts up again. That means that the engine isn’t running the entire time the vehicle is in use. It’s hard on usual batteries, but AGM units are able to handle it that’s why they’re now always used in those vehicles.

Another important factor is the frequency of the vehicle’s use. A car that is on the road every day will contribute to its battery’s long lifespan better than a vehicle that rests in the garage or in the parking most of the year. When AGM batteries sit in a partially-discharged state for a long time, they won’t live too long.

Inner Factors to Consider

Sulfation leads to a battery’s death. Sulfate is a condition that accumulates between its plates over time. The plates cease to hold a charge gradually and a battery is dead, as a result.
Complete discharging is not acceptable. When the battery is empty, it’s can be recovered, but its lifespan is getting shorter.

The high-quality materials mean batteries’ longer lifespan. For example, some products have not recycled, but pure lead in their construction, as well as cast, lead straps to connect cells.

Each driver should keep in mind those factors, especially since AGM batteries are pricey in comparison with the flooded modifications.